October 24, 2011

The end is near, but so is the beginning.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." -Wise words from Semisonic

Well folks...we are finally in the LAST days before I embark on my first 26.2. I originally anticipated October to be the least fun of all of the training months, even with my training schedule dubbing September 'MONSTER MONTH'. September can be renamed 'The Month of Tears', since I mostly just remember crying a lot in attempts to cope with the ankle. I thought I would hate the taper (I kinda do...I don't feel like myself), I dreaded the 20 mile run I would have in the beginning of the month, and I knew all that traveling would catch up with my immune system. But...I was wrong about October.

October began with inspiration in the Poconos watching my friend complete her first half ironman. The next weekend was fun volunteering at Army 10 Miler and extracurricular activities. Then came an awesome time in Baltimore for the half marathon. This past weekend was filled with good football, good friends, and a great day out at Cox Farms. There's just one weekend left in October, and it better not ruin the fun streak!

I keep teetering between being in denial and being unbelievably anxious for the race. Somewhere deep down inside I think I know that I will be completely fine and finish the race without getting kicked off the course. Then there's that smaaaalll little devil on my shoulder screaming doubts. In the words of Jessie Spano, "I'm so excited! I'm so....so.....SCARED." Haha.

My coworker hit it right on the head when she sent me this email after asking about the Baltimore half: "I think you should be proud of yourself and be happy because that is a REALLY long way to run and finishing should not be taken for granted. Perhaps your perspective gets blown away when you participate in events and see all of those other folks finishing and passing and going fast... But if you back away from it and consider how many folks do NOT do this or even try AND where you were a year ago...well, you know what I'm saying!" Sometimes a helpful little reminder like that slams things into perspective.

I've never been very good at just sitting in the present (Erin and Helen yell at me all the time for this). I constantly try to see what will be ten steps ahead. I like to know where things are going and what's coming next....which explains why I have so many races lined up and already have my running spreadsheet filled out for all of next year :)

So the rest of the remaining time between now and Sunday I will be loading up on vitamins to stay healthy, going to bed super early (not like I don't do that normally though), and cleaning in preparation of my mom coming to stay with me. And a few runs. And packet pick-up Thursday night. One mild panic attack on Friday at the first timer's pep rally, and a medium panic attack Saturday, and BAM all of a sudden before I know it, I will be on the metro heading to the race! Cool as a cucumber (I think that's the saying?!).

**Shout out to all of the many friends and supporters I have racked up to come out and cheer me on! I'm lucky to have such a big group. If you care to come out and watch me as well, look for bright orange arm warmers, and zebra pants :) It's going to be awesome.**


5 Days and a wake up!


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