January 05, 2011

Made it to Midweek

It's finally Wednesday, and boy am I exhausted!

The 0430 wake ups have started to take their toll and I am extremely excited that there is only one real workday standing between me and my weekend or pampering, relaxing, and of course...running.

Today started with a mad dash to the metro to catch the very first train. I forgot my ear warmers and neck cover, but I made do without them. Thankfully, this morning was NOT nearly as frigid as Monday was. I ran my "warm-up" of a half mile from the metro station to the meeting spot for my team. Then we did a 1.35 route and ran/walked the whole way. I ran the half mile back to the metro...rode it to work, then ran the mile from there to the doorway of my building.

Not too shabby for a scattered run, and my legs do feel like they've done work today.

I am taking tonight off, on account of not wanting to completely burn myself out. I also have Thursday off...moved my long run to Friday.

AND I am finally at a stable 125!!!!! High school weight I am here to be reunited!

Looking forward to Friday's change of scenery with a run around the monuments!

January 04, 2011

Running is indeed my therapy

Monday marked a new week of training. Monday morning started at 4:30 AM to make it to N Street Village in time for the morning "run".

As the day progressed, my mood turned grouchy and exhaustion crept in leaving me with a lack of interest in my evening run. By the time I got home at 5:40, I had decided this extra time was a gift, and that I would take my grump-butt to the high school track and do my 3 miles there.

I ran in solitude, utter and complete silence, focusing on my breathing for the entire 12 laps. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not monotonous at all and helped me de-stress from my bad day.

Some days are almost impossible to convince yourself to lace up, but once you're out there, you won't regret it.

January 03, 2011

Much to catch up on...

So I've been slacking.

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles after work in the Eastern Market neighborhood...annoyed with how many crosswalks you have to stop at.

Friday: 7 miles. Here's the breakdown - Ran the first 2 miles, walked .5, ran the next mile, walked .5, then walked a tiny bit of each .5 til the end. I ate a shot blok waaay too early, made me feel like hurling. Note to self.

Saturday: After partying too hard, hungover/sleepy and very sore from the 7 miles...pain is progress, I guess.

Sunday: I was a bump on a log. I should have gone for 2 or 3 but I didn't. I wanted to be fresh for my Monday morning run for the first time with BOMF.

Monday: Today says 3 miles, this morning with BOMF was mostly walking and after everyone finished up I ran up and down the street a little to get some warmth. I have a feeling that I will be doing double duty every MWF to get my miles in. I don't mind, but I guess I thought that the amount of running would be higher for the group. Still, the ladies of N Street Village are awesome and I'm glad to be on the team.

More to come...

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