July 06, 2018


You guys won't believe it but damnit....I got sick again. This time it took three rounds of antibiotics to kill my ear infections/super bad sore throat/crazy nastiness. And even after all that, my ears hurt after I run. I'm getting a referral to see and ENT since my dr said that's the next step if I'm not recovering from these bouts. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it all.

In other news, I'm down to 154.4 from the 157 last month. Still slowly chipping away. I'm happy with the three pounds since I was so sick and unable to really work out and get into a groove. I'm following the Transform App with carb cycling and the workouts and it's been kicking my butt! I can't wait to get back into the 140s!

June 06, 2018

Global Running Day!

You know I had to hop on the treadmill for Global Running Day!

Today I decided to not go complete balls to the wall and I did intervals of running a quarter mile at 8:13 pace, and then walking for a quarter mile...for a total of 2 miles (one total running, one total walking).

8:13 is definitely pushing the pace for me. My fastest mile so far is 8:20, and I want to keep chipping away at that. Man did it take me a long time to cool down though. I keep getting in this crappy cycle of getting back into running and then getting sick. The month of May brought me an ear infection and then strep right after that. When does it end?!

I'm also terrible at staying on top of working out when I don't have a goal to work towards - usually a race. It's always been my motivation, outside of the brief time I did crossfit and quit running. I'm really trying to stay on top of it without signing up for a race since I haven't had great success with staying healthy to make it to the start line.  BUT I'm extremely tempted to sign up for the Bear Chase Race 50k. It's close to home, very convenient and I can train out on the course route, and I have til the end of September to train. It'd be perfect timing to get me in shape right before my beach vacation in October! It also has very generous cutoff times, which helps with my anxiety of the sweeps catching me and kicking me out.

It's been three weeks since my last post where I admitted my weight of 160. I'm now at 157! Whoop! Slow progress is still progress worthy of celebration! I'm hoping I can kick it up a notch once I really settle into a good workout routine. I would LOVE to be under 150 by August. I'm not sure how it will go trying to lose 7 pounds in two months while rebuilding muscle. We'll see. Once I get under 150, I want to relax the obsession with what number I am and base my health off of how I feel and if I look like I'm toning up.  At what point do you have to stop calling it baby weight? I'm three years out from delivery of my first, and a little over a year out from my second.

Anyway, get out for a run today! It's (hot) gorgeous weather here!

May 16, 2018

Getting in Shape

Getting back into shape is a S T R U G G L E! I get into a good groove, nice routine for a couple weeks and then BAM. Sickness sweeps over the house starting with one of the boys and always ending with me. Then I have to sit out for a week or longer and struggle to get back into it once I'm feeling better.

Does anyone have magical advice to help with this? I feel like it's a 2 steps forward, 5 steps back kind of thing. I'm trying to train myself to immediately get back into working out the second I feel better instead of becoming a lazy sloth and taking an extra week to convince myself to lace up.

Anyway, last month I posted that my goal is to become faster! I ran a one mile time trial on April 10 in 8:30!!! My fastest ever! I almost feel silly that I spent most of my runs in the 12:30 pace just because I was too complacent to push the pace. I HATE being back of the pack, but I wasn't exactly doing anything to change. Once I started the Crossfit Endurance workouts, my strength and speed increased.

Not long after that time trial, I got sick and sat out for a month. Today was my first day back to it and I ran 1.5 miles at 8:34 pace! Another first ever! I'm trying to build up my distance at 8:30 ish pace to try to make something in that range my new normal for 5k type distances! I'm on my way!

My lungs felt like they were ready to explode at the end, but I'm proud of myself. I'm going to try to keep adding the CFE workouts into my weeks and hopefully trim down the weight while I'm building strength, speed, and endurance!

I'll be completely transparent, because I think it's important for anyone else in the same position as me. I was a runner, turned crossfitter after getting hurt running (incorrectly), then got pregnant with my first, tried to get back into running, got pregnant with my second, and here we are now a little over a year after his birth. I'm juggling working full time, an almost three year old, a one year old, being a wife, and trying to get back in shape/get healthy!  Before pregnancy I weighed around 135 and now I weigh a lovely 160.

Now cross your fingers I can stay healthy long enough to get back into a good groove!

April 09, 2018

Chasing Faster Times

Now that I've decided to gracefully bow out of the 50k and just enjoy our trip to DC, I have set a few new goals. I seem to be nothing fitness-wise, without a goal to work towards.

During my training using CFE, I worked up to sprinting 1000 meters at a pace of 8:34 minute miles. That's roughly 0.62 miles.

In my last workout, I did the following:

2 x 200m sprints at 8:34 pace
2 x 400m sprints at 8:34 pace
2 x 1000m sprints at 8:34 pace

So, my new goal to run towards is completing a 8:34 full mile.

Once I accomplish that, I want to work my way up to a sub 30 min 5k (30 min is my fastest time).
Then I want to work towards a sub 2:30 half marathon (I believe 2:40 is *officially* my fastest).

So on and so forth.

On weekends that I have a chance to slip out of the house and onto an actual trail (not the crushed gravel by my house), I want to just fully take advantage. Pick an amazing trail and run whatever distance I FEEL like. Not because my training plan says I have to...but because I want to.

I've let myself get complacent with my speed since moving to Colorado. I've just accepted the fact that I will always be slow and haven't really done much to change that.

Clearly I looong to be out of the back of the pack in races. I desire to not fear if the person behind me is the race sweep (a blow to the ego). Only way to do that is to become faster. And the only way to do that (that I'm aware of right now) is to start back at the bottom and build my way up.

Yes. I have received this advice before. Yes, I chose to ignore it. :D

I'm willing now. On Tuesday or Wednesday I plan on completing a mile time trial to see where I land.

Wish me luck!

April 02, 2018

Back into it

I'm getting back into it.

Back into shape. Back into running. Back into blogging.

Back to my old self...or rather, a new improved version. I'm not sure if my old self even exists anymore. How could it? And why would I want it to?

Pre-kids I had all the time in the world to be selfish. All the money at my fingertips for healthy elaborate meals. An abundance of time for long runs on trails far away. An abundance of energy. An abundance of self love.

I would give up all of the above a thousand times over to have my two boys. Any mom would.  I gained snuggles, a depth of love unimaginable, so much laughter, the ability to see things through their eyes and re-experience the world.

I also gained 30 pounds that did not go away after pregnancy. Got reeeally tired. Lots of gray hairs and wrinkles. Stretch marks. Something as miraculous as child birth left my self love meter really low. It seems no one really wants to talk about that, but it's true for me. I created these two amazing humans. What's there to be upset about?!

My low levels of self love started with Julian's pregnancy/birth. I felt like my body betrayed me by not allowing me to keep him safe in my belly for 40 weeks. It didn't help that while in the NICU we were not making great food choices. Once we got home, energy was no where to be found. Eventually when I did get energy back, I tried to train for a race but I just couldn't figure out how to make that work with a newborn and Steve's schedule. It was a rut. Just when I started to figure things out, we decided to try for a second. I did not workout all pregnancy for fear of pre-term labor a second time around, plus extra hormones (to keep the baby baking) made me SO TIRED.

Weight has always been a tough thing for me, as far back as I can remember. I was an average sized teen, so I don't know why I've always been self conscious. Carrying this extra 30 pounds post baby two has been frustrating, but I don't want to let it define me and consume me. I want to get healthy again and losing weight is naturally a part of that. But more than just losing weight, I miss being able to carry myself across long distances for pure enjoyment.

I began running again a few months back, training for a 50 miler. Things were going great! I was getting stronger and leaner! It felt SO good to be back out on trails, taking time for myself and letting my mind wander to topics not kid related. I was taking precautions to strengthen my weak areas and not repeat past mistakes of my hips blowing everything up.

I was juggling motherhood, wife life, work, and my passion (though sometimes not the best that I could).

Then I got sick for an entire month. It flipped my passion switch off. All that hard work, undone by something as simple as one of the boys coughing in my face. I let it get the best of me. I started feeling better, but the laziness remained from my sick days. I lacked the giddy up I needed to jump back into my training.

I'm not really sure how, but I eventually talked myself back into my training plan...but with an adjusted expectation that I would now have to go for the 50k instead of the 50 mile due to the lost month + of training time.

Then I got sick again. Revolving door of germs at my house from daycare.

After careful consideration, I think I need to just give this one up.

I've been using Crossfit Endurance's plan to prepare for this 50k and it has helped build strength and speed while not injuring me from long runs farther than 13 miles....so I am planning to continue that training to build speed, strength, and endurance.

The weeks are laid out:

Monday - Crossfit style workout at home
Tuesday - AM sprint drills for set time intervals, and a PM crossfit style workout
Wednesday - Run bias crossfit style workout
Thursday - Cadence sprint intervals for meters
Friday - Off
Saturday - 'long' run
Sunday - Recovery or off

In the meantime, I am working on myself and on my mindset. I am trying to remember to show myself some grace. It's only been a year since having Noah and it's going to take time to get to where I want to be. I need to respect that and have patience. And I'm working on gratitude. I have such an amazingly blessed life that I never imagined for myself. The rest will fall into place.

February 22, 2016

RECAP - Week Two

We are starting Week Three of my marathon training (well, technically yesterday...)!

So in Week One, I was doing a quick ramp up and ran my first five miler since before getting pregnant! Then I ran 4 miles, and that was about it for that week :)

Week Two, I ran my first 6 miler straight since, maybe ever! Then I completed my first speed work out, which was so fun and also  a little tough at the end. I rounded out the week with a whopping 8 miles! I'm POSITIVE I've never run that far straight before. It was tough...my legs were tired, I was tired, the baby was mad until Dad got home and took over, but I did it! Then I skipped the 8 miles I was supposed to do on Sunday. That just didn't sound like a great idea. I'm still trying to semi ease into this.

I'm going to rework the schedule a little bit because I don't think my body will adapt well to running 6 days a week just yet. I think I can manage 5, so I'll start there and hopefully work my way up to the 6th day. I need to figure out a good balance so that the cumulative fatigue is accomplished (the whole purpose of this type of training) without burning myself out. I gotta tell you though, I am feeling fresher that I expected after these long runs! I'm excited to start getting outside for some of these runs too, since I've been stuck on the treadmill thus far.

I'm excited for some speed work tonight and then relaxing while watching The Bachelor!

February 10, 2016

Day One - In the Books



You guys - I am SO proud of myself for tackling day one of my training plan - a 5 mile eaaasy run.

The way my plan works is based on different paces for each type of run, so this one called for 13 min miles, which was PERFECT to get me through the entire 5 miles running the whole way.

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! The last time I ran 5 miles nonstop is probably a good bit before I even got pregnant, so we're talking 2 years at least!

The best part is that I feel pretty good today, so I am excited to tackle my next easy run of 4 miles tomorrow.

Just wanted to share my excitement!


You guys won't believe it but damnit....I got sick again. This time it took three rounds of antibiotics to kill my ear infections/super ...