May 31, 2011

Have you sweat today?! I HAVE been running, I promise. It's just been chaotic and not exactly as scheduled thanks to all the effort involved for my move into DC!

I wasn't able to run the DCCS 8k, so my running story begins on Wednesday, May 25. I met my friend Erin at the Roosevelt Island parking lot to run on the Mt. Vernon Trail, for my first time ever. I AM HOOKED. It is a gorgeous trail, albeit super hot with no shade :/ The things you deal with... We set out for 3 miles and the heat got the best of us. I was very glad to have a reason to get back out on the road though, and grateful for the company. I always thought I hated running with people, but I think I'm changing my tune :)

Running Day Two (can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday), I decided to head back out on the trail and knocked out either 3.5 or 4ish miles in the heat, and MAN was it hot! I have a nice little tan going on now....bonus?! I ended up walking over the bridge to the island to check out the trails, since I've never been over there. Very nice...must go sometime when I'm not alone, you know....since I'm too chicken to trail run alone ;)

Saturday: This was my 'I'm super stressed and pissy, slightly hungover (ok more than slightly...thanks new roommie), but I'm grouchy and stubborn so let's go out and run even though I shouldn't - run.' Did you follow that? So I decided, since it was so hot and I was so dehydrated already from moving things and the night before drinking, that I would head out on the Mt. Vernon Trail and just go for three, see what happens. Well, I ended up going for five, and feeling damn good about it.

Note the lovely Lady Bird Johnson statue/whatever. Purty.

I did have to stop at about mile 3 of the 5 mile run because I was a little woozy...nothing chugging gaterade didn't fix!

Onward and upward...looking forward to getting out there today for 4 miles, going out there with Erin tomorrow ;) and continuing with my training.

Red face and dripping sweat is Today I might have to do some crunches and go shirtless like all the others I see out there!

.....Yeah right.

May 17, 2011

Running in the rain

Why am I so excited about the next few days forecast?! I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN!

Call me crazy (other people already have, with the exception of sexy hot guy yesterday who was also crazy enough to be running in the downpour), but I finally GET why people still run in the rain! A former rain-phobic runner (I am terrified, repeat, TERRIFIED of being outside while it is lightening), I decided last week that gone are the days I excuse my way out of my training. Time to get serious, sister! And with new excitement thanks to signing up for the Philly Rock'N'Roll Half Marathon, rain was not going to stop me! I also benefited from being forced to run in the rain on Saturday for the National Police Week 5k (which I loved...great people, good route, some minor hills). Thank you, 36 min 5k with a bum toe and not running for the past two weeks. I'll take it.

So Monday rolls around with the rain. It was sunny all day until about 15 minutes before I'm about to leave work for my run. I mapped out a flat route around the Navy Yard and Cap. Hill area, head outside only to see it pouring. I made it to my car, and it seemed to be significantly letting up, so I decided to go run anyway.

I get less than half a block down the road and BAM the skies open up again. But let me tell you, this was the most liberating 3 miles EVER. I loved every single minute of it...even when people were looking at me crazy, and especially when the little kids in cars passing by would point and giggle at the silly person running in the rain. Only once did I pause and think twice about heading back....when I heard the thunder and saw the huge streak of lightening. I figured, just run by anyone taller than you....your odds of getting hit are less ;)

Not too many things make you feel so much like a kid as being already soaked while running and happening upon a puddle. My first instinct was not jump around it, then I remembered...your shoes are already drenched, might as well have some fun!

It's not raining I'll try to enjoy the sunshine, but you better believe my shoes will be dry and ready to go on Thursday when the rain comes back around, with a big smile on my face and pep in my step!

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