February 22, 2016

RECAP - Week Two

We are starting Week Three of my marathon training (well, technically yesterday...)!

So in Week One, I was doing a quick ramp up and ran my first five miler since before getting pregnant! Then I ran 4 miles, and that was about it for that week :)

Week Two, I ran my first 6 miler straight since, maybe ever! Then I completed my first speed work out, which was so fun and also  a little tough at the end. I rounded out the week with a whopping 8 miles! I'm POSITIVE I've never run that far straight before. It was tough...my legs were tired, I was tired, the baby was mad until Dad got home and took over, but I did it! Then I skipped the 8 miles I was supposed to do on Sunday. That just didn't sound like a great idea. I'm still trying to semi ease into this.

I'm going to rework the schedule a little bit because I don't think my body will adapt well to running 6 days a week just yet. I think I can manage 5, so I'll start there and hopefully work my way up to the 6th day. I need to figure out a good balance so that the cumulative fatigue is accomplished (the whole purpose of this type of training) without burning myself out. I gotta tell you though, I am feeling fresher that I expected after these long runs! I'm excited to start getting outside for some of these runs too, since I've been stuck on the treadmill thus far.

I'm excited for some speed work tonight and then relaxing while watching The Bachelor!

February 10, 2016

Day One - In the Books



You guys - I am SO proud of myself for tackling day one of my training plan - a 5 mile eaaasy run.

The way my plan works is based on different paces for each type of run, so this one called for 13 min miles, which was PERFECT to get me through the entire 5 miles running the whole way.

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! The last time I ran 5 miles nonstop is probably a good bit before I even got pregnant, so we're talking 2 years at least!

The best part is that I feel pretty good today, so I am excited to tackle my next easy run of 4 miles tomorrow.

Just wanted to share my excitement!

February 08, 2016

Here We Go Again...

I'm back and - per usual - making poor choices in running! Shocking, I know.

I guess it's been a long time since I've posted anything at all, so here's the quick rundown:

Signed up to race the Gorge Waterfalls 100k
Started training for 100k
Decided to get pregnant instead
Quit training for 100k and dropped out of registration
Baby decided to meet mom and dad 2 months early
Bought a badass treadmill to get my tush back in shape
Baby is now 6 months old!
Still needing to get back in shape...
Decided to sign up for a marathon in a pathetic attempt to believe that nothing's changed in life and I can still go the distance...
Immediately regretted that decision when I got home and realized how difficult it is to train with an infant and a husband that has a different schedule.
Decided maybe I would drop to the half marathon
Listened to husband's optimism and faith in me
Decided to try for the marathon anyway.

Now we're all caught up!

So now I have exactly 14 weeks to get my ass in gear to run a marathon.

So that's the plan there. It's going to be a Hail Mary, but we'll see what I come up with at the end! I'm excited, scared, feeling a little mom guilt over training time taken away from my little man, but I feel motivated to do well because of my son. I'm hoping it will give me the momentum and push I need to get this done! I'm really interested in how this plan will play out as well since it's nothing like what I've tried in the past!

And I guess it could be worse...I could have signed up for an even longer race, so that's progress!

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