January 31, 2012

Goodbye Tiny Social Life I Had Left.

Hello 50 Mile.

It's official. I am registered for the North Face Endurance Gore-Tex Challenge with an estimated finishing time of 12 hours and 20 minutes. Ballpark. I have 13 hours til the cutoff.

Now I will share a photo montage-ish!

First Race and Half Marathon Ever - Jazz Half Marathon (Oct 2010)

Second race, no picture. I BELIEVE it was the Police Week 5k in DC. (May 2011)
Third race, no picture. I think it was the Komen for the Cure 5k in DC. (June 2011)

Fourth race - Autism Speaks Fourth of July 5k (July 2011)

Fifth race - Virginia Happy Trails Club Women's Trail Half Marathon (Sept 2011)

Sixth race - Baltimore Half Marathon (Oct 2011)

Seventh race - Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 2011)

Eighth race - Rosaryville 50k (Nov 2011)

To come:

Ninth race: Pax River Trail 10k (Feb 2012)
Tenth race: Rock N Roll DC Marathon (March 2012)
11th race: *Possible* Pittsburgh Marathon (May 2012)
12th race: EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon (May 2012)
13th race: North Face Endurance Challenge 50 MILE (June 2012)

All previous runs from now til June will serve as training runs and more experience with race logistics.

So that means after June I will need a break I will have completed three 5ks, one 10k, four half marathons, possibly three full marathons, attempted one 50k, and (cross your fingers and toes) one 50 Mile.


I will need a break. I will be super exhausted.

I will need something to fill the void!!! :D

No but really. I'm not quite sure how the next 4 months will pan out, including the completion of the race and the physical, mental, and emotional state it will leave me in, so right now I'm not willing to make any plans farther out than the 50 Mile. I would love to say I will give myself a little time off then jump back into training and go for the jugular, the JFK50... but we will just have to play things out. I would love to still do Iron Mountain 50k if things go well. And run a 5k with my mom :)

I will make a confession. I'm not SO terrified of running 50 miles. I'm scared WTHM will happen again and I will injury myself too early on to finish the race. That trail half made me lose all confidence in myself footing wise, and the only thing that can fix it is to dedicate my weekend training to trail work so I feel at home out there.

There's a lot of stuff swimming around in my noggin. Like, are back to back long weekend runs the most effective training plan or is it better to focus more on just X amount of hours on your feet...

In other news, I'm still under the weather and I am choosing to forgo my two mile run in favor of breathing instead. Also...I didn't realize how much fiber my cabbage soup holds. Wowza.

Beans, lentils, cabbage, carrots, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, vegetable broth, little seasoning ...boil and done! And then proceed to use the bathroom a bunch. Not bad though. Soup was tasty haha. Just gotta only eat one bowl a day. And not eat anything else with fiber in it the rest of the day..hahah.

Also also, excited about the Biggest Loser tonight. I'm SO excited, that I decided to order chinese. So I can watch them sweat and work out while I gorge myself with bad food.


Hope I feel better soon so I can get back outside!

January 30, 2012

Turns out I'm sick.

Well, well. I guess it's about time I got sick again. It's been a little while.

We'll see if I feel up for a three mile run today or what.

Also, the side of my ankle hurts. The part that is on the outside. Like if it's my left foot then the pain is on the left side of my leg, right foot, right sode pain. Whatever that muscle is.

I think a bubble bath sounds nice and relaxing tonight if I don't get out for my run. And a looong deep sleep. Guess I'll have to record the Bachelor tonight. Can't miss what happens!

Plus side: tomorrow I get my 'promotion'!!!! YESSSS!


You best believe I am registering as soon as I can! I think they said it takes 3 weeks to sell out, but why risk it.

Tonight I'm also going to make some Healthy Healing Cabbage Soup:

Nom. I'm gonna load that bad boy with whatever is awesomely fully of nutrients and cold fighters!

January 29, 2012

Week/Weekend Recap

I recently read a blog recap of someone's race and really can relate to a few things said:

"I understand the obsession and the desire to feel the cleansing purity of physical pain, the desire to challenge the body on good days and bad, and the joy and freedom of performing one of the most basic acts the human body can do, and of fine tuning that experience into harmony"...(and then talking about SkinnyRunner), "She has a very healthy outlook about the number on the clock, which is ultimately meaningless compared to the sensations of the day and the emotional experience of the journey." (Clock referring to your race time)

I'm realizing that 50 miles sounds crazy to almost everyone, other than people who already run 50 miles or aspire to run 50 miles.

I'm okay with that.

I feel like I'm a different breed of 'runner'. Still iffy about using that term, haha. I kind of fizzle on desire for most short runs, having an easier time copping out midway than I do on a long run. I know I have to be in it for the long haul, and I love that feeling. After all, what else am I going to do with my Saturdays besides run for hours to consume the time?

I love this (above). It's how I feel about any run longer than 10 miles, haha.

So this last week went like this: Monday - ran, Tuesday - ran, Wednesday - ran (three days in a row because the weather CLAIMED it was going to rain on Thursday and it was nice on Wednesday..so I swapped my normal day 'off'. Thursday - cashed in my free one day pass to Vida and took a spinning class that left me thinking I was better of taking a nap :) It was rough...in mostly a good way, but left my legs even more tired.

On Friday I went to Sports Authority and acquired some adidas compression socks, a shirt or two, and a Nathan's handheld bottle to help with refilling. The camelbak is a little tougher for that. Then I went to Pacers by my house to get some new shoes. Didn't go as planned. I've been wearing Brooks Ravenna and Ravenna 2's since I started running. Well, turns out my shoes wore down at the wrong time to buy another pair of Ravs. They are about to come out with the new shoe, so the sure wasn't going to have that kind for weeks. WEEKS. That's too long to keep running on shoes that are already hurting you. The guy there offered to watch me run again and pull some different shoes for me to try. I tried on a different pair of Brooks, a New Balance pair, and the Saucony Hurricane 14 which just came out. I ended up getting the Saucs. And an awesome pair on Zensah compression sleeves. Yay coupons at SA and Pacers!

That's the compression socks and new shoes!

Hot pink Zensah!

Shoes, bottle, sleeves, hot pink shirt to match!

I might have gotten a little carried away and painted my toes hot pink...thought it would make me run faster or something...

Then I went to grab some healthy grub to cook.

That's turkey andouille sausage, bell pepper, squash, healthy tomato sauce, and whole wheat/grain pasta!

It was actually pretty delicious!

Saturday, though exhausted still, I woke up and made my way over to Bethesda to get in 10 miles before Helen and Genny got to the trail, and I would run 6 miles with them. I wasn't feeling it at all in the beginning. I just felt so drained, I couldn't find a place to tap into any motivation or energy. I ate a ThinkThin bar and that's it...bad idea. A mile into the run I had to make a McDonalds pit stop. Then I dragged my feet for a few more miles and just sulked in my bad mood.

At about 4 miles into my run I found a semi groove and toughed it out for 8 miles before the ladies got there. The six miles with them were rough but I'm so, so glad I had them there to silently push me. We ran 90% of the 6 miles, with me stopping to eat my gels then sprinting to catch up to them running ahead. Or me stopping to walk when I thought I was going to ralph the watermelon chomps. The shoes rubbed a bit towards the end of the run, but I'm hoping I just need to break them in and not tie them so tight. I'll see how they hold up on other runs and decide if I need to just cut my losses and find a different shoe. We ate some yummy Potbellys and then I went home, where I found out my compression shorts came in the mail!

Ladies night ensued, and I wore the compression shorts to bed and I don't know if it was the shorts, the alcohol, or the exhaustion, but I slept much better than I usually do after a long run. Usually my muscles and joints are so unhappy that I can't find a way to get comfortable.

This week will be continuing the weekday short runs, and then an 18 mile run this weekend with the same plan with the ladies. 10 miles on my own, then 8 with them.

"No matter how bad it gets, it will indeed get worse, but it will indeed also get better."

January 25, 2012

Sounding Board for Potential Game Changer


Just hear me out. I need to think this out loud.

June 2, 2012.

North Face Endurance Challenge.

Options for distance: 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 Mile.

No qualifers, just a registration opening on January 31, small field of entrants for the bigger distances.

I know I've been talking about JFK 50 in November for a while now so here's where my head is.


Reasoning: Home turf. The race is around Great Falls and other close by trails. I could easily practice on the terrain. No need to travel to the race. Beginning of June...not THE hottest part of the summer. Already building a good base with the marathon in March, so maybe it would be a good opportunity to just get this under my belt. Generous time limit. Don't need to qualify or raise $500 to get into it like JFK50 requires.

June. Possibly humid and hot. 50 miles...that's a lot yall. Ryan wouldn't be here. Possibly not doing JFK50.

OPTION 2 - 50K

Reasoning: Good time to finally get a higher mileage under my belt without going for the whole enchilada. Familiar turf, good area, seems like a good time. Enough time to recovery from the marathon and bounce back to full strength for the 50k. Could still do JFK 50 Miler.

Cons: I'm just so damn tempted to do the 50miler. Risking a burn out if I do March - marathon, May 19 - trail half marathon, June 2 - 50k, Sept - 50k, Nov 50 Miler.

DECISIONS! AGH! I really don't know what I'll do yet...I've always been pretty gungho about signing up for races, even when people advise me not to (hello, Rosaryville).

They (ultramarathon guides) say you should have about 4 to 5 months of training for a 50 miler. Pretty nice timing, eh?

If anyway wants to weigh in on this, please do. I could use some help with logic. But don't tell me not to do either. I won't listen and you'll be wasting your breath. :)

Thou Shall Not Covet Shoes

So I realized I need new shoes. I've had this pair since September, ran the marathon in them, have been training in them, and they aren't completely on their last leg yet but it's getting close. Plus, I want to have enough time to break them in and get them comfy before the March marathon. Since I'm just weeks away from a race I have decided to buy another pair of Brooks Ravenna 2's (this will be my fifth or sixth pair of them)...not going to switch to something unknown until I don't have a race to train for so I can explore. That doesn't mean I can't look around in the meantime :)

These are glorious looking - Brooks Pure Cadence from their Pure Project. Not only do they look AWESOME (they come in other colors, but really how could you NOT get this yellow?!..totally serious). I am considering a pair of these to replace my Ravenna's for road shoes. (finishline.com)

Trail shoe love:

I already showed you these Montrail Bajada's, Spring 2012 (REALLY considering these)!:

But I've also heard good things about Saucony Progrid Peregrines, apparently a Peregrine 2 will be out in March!: (finishline.com)

From Brooks Pure Project, a trail shoe - Pure Grit: (irunfar.com)

La Sportiva CrossLite 2.0: "The La Sportiva Women's CrossLite 2.0 Trail Running Shoe is extremely light, but it finds itself right at home in the gnarliest conditions in which you dare to run. The aggressive outsole lugs are deigned to take on wet, snowy, or muddy conditions on nasty, varied terrain. Extra midsole padding offers a greater level of protection than most trail runners, and the slip-lasted upper works with the midsole to give you a precise fit and added feel."

Sounds awesome to me! (backcountry.com)

Also from La Sportiva - Electron, "Electron Trail Running Shoe to soak up the impact of abusive trails so your knees and feet don't have to. Technical trail runs require agility, and the Electron helps you stay quick on your feet for a plush, light-and-fast ride through the woods."

Now after looking at these, when I thought I REALLY wanted the Bajadas, I kinda really want the La Sportivas too! Decisions...

And while we're on the subject of trail things I want:

Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab12 (irunfar.com just did a review recently on the product).

These also are on my wish list, Salomon Trail IV Tights for winter running (irunfar.com):

I also wouldn't mind owning these Salomon Exo IV 3/4 Tights as seen on irunfar.com. Would be great when it starts to get warmer as an alternative to my CW-X full length tights (irunfar.com):

Annnnd while I'm still looking at Salomon products, I am adding these calf compression sleeves to the list (irunfar.com):

The site gives amazing reviews of these particular sleeves. Makes me want them.

Eventually I will need to start thinking about fueling and carrying things for the 50 miler...but that's far enough away. I have plenty of time to keep daydreaming about supplies I will probably never have funds to buy :D

I wish I could just make a living off of these things (talking about running and different shoes..etc). How awesome would that be?!

So I went for a short little run on Monday to get back into the groove of things. Then it was soooo beautiful outside yesterday that I hurried home and went out for a run around my neighborhood. I ran a different route and ended up over by Dupont Circle, very pleasant run. During the beginning part of my run I passed by a Vida gym that I didn't know was so close to my house. I popped in for a tour, got pangs for wanting to join...then remembered I actually like not eating ramen for dinner unless I'm in the mood for it. The rest of the run was so nice. While I was getting my tour at the gym, I chatted with the membership guy about my running. I (obviously) love to talk about running and my future and goals. We chatted about the 50 miler and it seemed to inflate me with a renewed love to get out there and spend hours grinding away. Hard to explain. But man, did it feel good being out there yesterday.

Today is equally gorgeous outside and I am amped up to go out there and get more miles in. It looks like rain for tomorrow and Friday, so I might cash in that one day pass they gave me to Vida (spinning class, anyone?), and then glorious weather on Saturday...fit for my 16 mile run! I'm excited!

Things are coming together! I'm getting my flow back, my body is responding well to the (semi) dieting (just better nutrition) and higher activity. My ankle can sometimes remind me I was injured before, but nothing I/it can't handle right now.

Now everyone get out there at some point today and enjoy this rare weather!!!

(if you care to read about ultra stuff, cool article: http://www.irunfar.com/2012/01/reflections-on-the-womens-ultra-performance-of-the-year.html)

January 23, 2012

Stop Being A Baby!

I recently learned a few things about myself. Every week I sit and watch the Biggest Loser season of 'No Excuses', whilst on a weekly basis I make excuses for myself. The weather sucks. It's dangerous out. I'm tired. I'm sore. My tummy hurts. I suck at running. Etc... I am extremely lazy. I need to stop being like this. I sit and yell at the tv (mostly just in my head) about how the contestants need to straighten up their act...all while I am guilty of the same thing. Dress size irrelevant. We all have goals. One of mine, since September ish, has been to COMPLETE JFK 50 Miler. I don't need to finish first, I don't need to place for my age group...I don't need to stress out about time. I just need to finish.

I don't think I've been in a running rut, at least not one of the ones I've had before. I think more than anything I've needed an attitude adjustment, a change in my outlook for races, goals and running. The past few weeks I think I let a few other people into my head and let the idea of dropping down from the full marathon to the half sit and fester in my mind too long. I couldn't remember WHY I let myself run for HOURS. Training runs double what my friends get to do. I always have a hard time getting out the door, but I need to start remembering that once I am out there, I feel good and proud of myself. I feel strong and like I'm accomplishing something. I feel like I'm doing something not many people want to do with their Saturday mornings. I want to earn that cat nap later in the day.

I want very badly to be at mile 35 of a run, struggling internally but able to find the strength to persevere and cross that finish line.

I don't want to run 100 miles. I just want to throw that out there now. DO. NOT. ASK. ME. I'm scared I might not say no, haha...

SO, with all this said, time to buck up...finish these last two months of training, run my best race I can in March. Hopefully eeeek under 5 hours.

Then I want to buy myself these:

Montrail Bajadas. Aren't they glorious looking?!

Then I want to kick some booty out of some trail races and training runs leading up to November.

Then I am going to OWN the AT as I race JFK 50.

That is all. Anyone care to join me for training runs after March?

Also, read this if you get a chance, particularly the first account. Love it, very inspiring.


"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Good ole L. Armstrong for you.

January 22, 2012

A Cooking Weekend Success!

And a running FAIL.

Good thing I'm not doing that money jar thing anymore because I would be SO BROKE.

I kinda haven't run at all since the 15 miles on Monday. Oops? It was this bizarre gradual soreness that crept in, and this is what I choose to blame. Not my laziness, oh no siree. At first I wasn't very sore from the run, aside from the bendy part at your hips and a weird pain in the front of my ankle...the part where your leg turns into your foot and bends at the front...whatever that is (never claimed to be a doctor or whatever). Then eventually my actual quads started to hurt...very delayed pain. Interesting.

So I slacked off all week, partially because of being SO exhausted and sickly feeling, partially because I was still sore, and partially because I just couldn't get myself out there...blamed the weather some, etc.

That leads to this weekend. I really was planning on running 13 miles on Saturday, I swear! So I had Friday off from work, but had a 1030am vet appointment for the dog. Over $200 later, I decided to go grab some pho to warm me up from the chilly day, then I kinda just moped around a whole bunch and figured no reeeal point in running on Friday, I could just long run on Saturday.

Well, Saturday it decided to crazy snow. I'm sure I had some other excuse not to go but I can't remember what it is now other than I was scared of it being icy. You know how clumsy I am...

So I told myself it will all be okay, I could run on Sunday when the weather is supposed to be better. Today is Sunday. I did not run. The weather isn't HORRIBLE, but it was snowing when I woke up, and when I took the dog for a stroll around the block I almost fell...more than once. So I declared it not safe enough to run, plus...I didn't want to continue a bad cycle of skipping my weekday runs because of being sore from a delayed long run. Get my drift? Say I ran today...I would have been more sore than normal since I didn't run anything after my 15. So then all this next week I wouldn't want to go run because of the same reasons of last week...thus it continues on and on. I decided instead, I would skip this 13...luckily it is just a shorter week...and I will get back into my weekday runs, get stronger, and get a better base for my long runs so they don't cripple me after I'm done.

What did I do all weekend since I obviously didn't do much physical activity? Tried to sleep a lot... which didn't work out well. Thanks partying neighbors and roommate. So I played online some, bought some (hopefully) sweet compression shorts that were on MEGA sale, and cooked a bunch. Last night I made possibly the best beef stew I will ever make in my life (seriously guys it is SOOO good). Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, and today I just finished making a massive batch of Pioneer Woman Simple Chili, with a few modifications so it would feed an army. An Army Of One. Just me. for the week. I plan on freezing some (I feel like I say this a lot and then just end up eating it all) for a rainy day, lazy day that I don't feel like cooking, etc.

It's delicious. She uses corn flour in her recipe to add a corn flavor and thicken up the juice. So good.

Anyway, here are the links if any one is interested in trying. I recommend her site period, I dig her. She's on Food Network too!



Well, time to eat some of that good comfort food!

January 19, 2012

Little here, little there.

I'm a little slow to the news I guess.

I just read last night on SkinnyRunner's site (www.skinnyrunner.com) about a Montana woman runner who has gone missing and is possibly deceased. All they found were her running shoes somewhere along her usual running route.

Scary stuff considering my little episode on Monday (not that you can remotely compare the two).

All of this has made me look into self defense classes. A person commented on that story above about a friend running with mace and having it turned against her...a very scary thought when you think it is good protection. The truth is, it NEVER hurts to have some kind of self defense knowledge. Even if you aren't a runner, I think it's a good idea to take these classes...especially women.

I've been finding myself on high alert the past few days, more aware of my surroundings and quite frankly, a little scared to go run in my neighborhood alone. I don't feel comfortable running in my neighborhood in the morning before work because of the construction workers sleeping in their cars waiting for their alarms to go off and get to work...plus the other clientle in the area.

So far, other than the potential self defense classes, my other options are to join a gym and run my weekday runs on a treadmill, and run the long run out in the city. Another option is that I finally start running with that running group I get all the emails from. Safety in numbers type thing. I'm still deciding on my course of action...maybe a combo of all of them, who knows.

IN OTHER NEWS, the puppy is still having tummy problems. Vet tomorrow, hopefully something will pan out there. All I know is I am not ready to have kids with him keeping me up at night like this. And all the worrying. And the money for the vet bills. Weee...

Also, I think I'M getting sick. When is there ever a time when I'm training for a race and I don't get sick? I don't think it's ever happened. I feel a little run-down and a little low on my motivation juices. I've been having a harder time lately convincing myself that I do still enjoy running for hours, ie. why did I sign up for another full marathon instead of just enjoying the half; why am I pursuing a 50 mile race... I don't think I'm in a rut again because the runs have been successful. I think maybe stress is getting to me and exhaustion and a tinge of sadness. I will say I felt rejuvenated after my 15 mile run on Monday, renewed my faith in what I'm doing for a little while. I guess my doubt comes in the lulls between long runs.

Anyway, prepared to run 13 this weekend at some point.

January 13, 2012

I'm SO boring.


1. A bubble bath on Wednesday seemed like a big deal.

2. Highlight of my week consisted of (finally) skyping with the boyfriend.

3. I got excited by a $20 coupon to Pacers today.

4. I called in sick to work yesterday and slept til 2pm.

5. After I woke up, I watched HGTV the remaining part of the day.

6. I plan on running 15 miles tomorrow, thus meaning I will log more HGTV watching tonight.

7. I will probably be really tired tomorrow after the 15 miles and will end up falling asleep during the first quarter of the football games.

8. I can't remember the last time I hung out in public.

9. I talk to the dog.

10. I get excited when I can go grocery shopping for the week because that means something new to eat for 7 days straight.

I haven't run since the three miles around Hains Point earlier this week...and I'm planning on logging a hefty 15 miles tomorrow. That means a fancy Friday night for me. And Saturday night. WOOOO PARTY ANIMAL. Psyche. Maybe I can have one of those cool 'bubble' baths Saturday with a bottle of wine...to relax and sulk in my soreness. At least tomorrow will be a true, true test of the CW-X compression pants and Saucony calf sleeves! Put those bad boys to use!

Stay tuned for how tomorrow ends up! Happy weekend everyone!

January 08, 2012

Stepping Up My Game

Last Friday (Dec 30): 9.5 miles

This recent Friday (Jan 6): 12 ish miles.

Sometime in this past week I decided that I NEEDED compression tights to do my long runs, and throw in some calf compression sleeves for good measure. A friend informed me that CW-X is where it's at brand wise for the tights...a brand I am very familiar with drooling over in running stores but not ever purchasing.

Thursday rolled around and after work I found myself in a Fleet Feet not too far from my house to try on some tights. After a few failed attempts at tights WAY too small for the bits God blessed me with, I finally squeezed myself into the right size (I'm still hoping it's the right size...how the heck is one to know?!) and pranced around the store a little like I knew what I was doing. I decided that they were slimming, hehe I know..SOOO the important thing here (not), and decided to bite the bullet and purchase my very first pair of CW-X PerformX tights.

As barely seen above. It's dark. Look them up online if you really want to know what they look like.

Anyway, after buying those and the calf sleeves, I was super amped up for my long run this weekend and just felt like I OWED it to the pants to run super duper long and maybe I would be fast all of a sudden or transform into a female version of the Flash.

(ironically I wore this costume before I ever became a runner...)

So for my long run, as I did last week, I decided to head to Hains Point...mostly because of my lack of route planning and the convenience a 3 mile loop offers.

Good ole trusty three mile loop. After 7 loops in the past two weeks...I would like to take a break from HP for a little while.

I had Friday off from work, and even still I couldn't drag myself out of bed and moving to run until around 2:30. I decided that this long run would be an experiment with new gels and trying out how a 5 hour energy sits with me. Sometimes I have the worst ideas. I ate lunch (chicken and brown rice), allowed time to digest, got dressed...grabbed gels and the 5 hr and drove over to HP. It was extremely nice out, in the 50s and sunny. I wore my new pants, my short sleeve Jazz Half shirt, and my neon yellow jacket over that, complete with my LSU hat.

That first mile FLEW by (for me). 10:45 (fine for a mile but completely not maintainable for 13 miles when I haven't been consistently training, hehe)

Second mile: 13:47. Yeah. Something bad went down. That 5 hr energy reared it's ugly head and left me wanted to vomit. That pretty much never went away. I was determined to get the miles in, so I told myself I needed to suck it up and just slow my pace down from the 10:45.

Third mile: 12:40 (stop texting your boyfriend about how bad you want to puke and actually get to running, girl). (PS thanks R for the mental boost. You are the bomb.)

(picture I took right after I got my pep talk from R)

Fourth mile - Twelve: all about 12 min miles. All I could maintain without ralphing.

With the starting and stopping of my watch when I pulled over every 2 miles to get water, the mileage got a little thrown off and by the time I reached the parking lot (the end of the 4th loop), my watch said I still hadn't hit 12 miles...which was complete crap. I wanted that number on there, so I literally ran up and down the small parking lot just begging the watch to click over to the 12. Pure. Torture. By this point the sun was completely gone, and HP gives me the skeevy feeling when it gets dark (even though I'm sure it's mostly safe). I wanted to get in the car and get warm A.S.A.P. While the weather had been in the 50s and sunny, running around the water gives off a bit of a chill and I was freezing by the time I finally finished for the day.

After I got my 12, I climbed into the car, chugged water (don't think I got nearly enough of that on the run), and went home...where I discovered my lips were a little purple/blue.....not great. Chalking it up to how cold I felt. I took an extremely long shower and then went to MD to stay with some awesomeness for the weekend.

Saturday morning rolls around...I don't feel sore...like AT ALL, other than my hips hurt like something crazy! I was somehow convinced to 'run' 5 miles with two of my good friends on the Capital City Crescent Trail..luckily that was mostly walking, because my little leggies are pooped.

I didn't run today, but I am currently debating running in the morning or if I will just run after work tomorrow. One thing I know for sure is that I need.... NEED to start pumping iron. My arms are mush and I want some tone!!!

Jury is still out on the pants, but I think they were successful considering how not sore I feel. I will give them another go round on Saturday for 15 miles, I believe.

No meal plan this week yet other than the same spinach side salad. I have some chicken defrosting for me to cook up tomorrow... so I'll need to think of something tasty!

January 03, 2012

Snot rockets are only gross in the wind.....right?!

BAM. Slapping you immediately with that awesome picture. You're very welcome. This perfectly displays my affection for the wind that was today.

So, after deciding to wing the rest of my training, I ran 9.5 miles on Friday after work at Hains Point. It was pretty uneventful, windy on one side, warmer on the other. Gloves and ear warmers went off and on. Hains Point is approximately a 3 mile loop, so I went around three times, tempted to stop at the car after each loop. I was a little sore after the run but nothing to cry over.

I also did a couple miles here and there before or after...but I don't really remember much about them.

Yesterday I dressed to go run after I woke up early. I went to MVT and did a minimal run before I chickened out and went to the car. It was cold and windy, and I wasn't dressed adequately. And I'm a huge weather baby. I went to the grocery store and grabbed some ingredients to make my meals for the week: baby spinach with feta and self-toasted almonds with a teeny bit of balsamic vin dressing (fat-free!); homemade chicken noodle soup; and a healthier version of butter chicken and chickpeas. The butter chicken and chickpeas actually doesn't use much butter at all. I adapted the recipe from Budget Bytes blog, and it's mostly tomato sauce, diced tomatoes simmered with garam masala spice and a few other things. You simmer the chicken and chickpeas in there for a nice long hour and serve it over some yummy long grain brown rice, cilantro on top! I had it for dinner last night and for lunch today with a side salad of my baby spinach. I don't really get tired of that salad...so simple and fresh! Add that in with some yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast and I am set for the week! Time to shed some squish!!!

This morning I knew in advance that it would be absolutely freezing... so I packed my under armour tights, long sleeve nike running shirt, long sleeve orange nike pullover, and my bright yellow reflective jacket that is wind resistant (thanks Mom, absolutely LOVE it!). I did my day at work, ate my packed lunch, and at quitting time I changed into my gear and went out to the Mount Vernon Trail for a few miles. I went out towards Alexandria (where that first picture is taken...trying to show you the wind). I found the entire planet's supply of canadian geese, and a wee bit of ice:

Then I crossed the street to head to Arlington Cemetery where the wind picked up like a hurricane and made me grateful I had my MCM ear warmers and hand me down neck warmer:

Then I thought I would give you this little gem of the way my face looked 98% of the time running because of how cold/windy it was:

America's Top Model, that's what's up.

I went past Iwo Jima, down through Rosslyn, back onto the MVT and to the car. Woo. It felt like a really fast pace (for me), so I'm pretty happy with my effort.

That's me in the car showing you all my layers and how ridiculously good looking I can be if I just let the wind do my hair for me. My face felt frozen in that nifty smile/what's that smell/are you sure you aren't singing in this picture - picture. I took the longest shower EVER and then ate some chicken noodle soup.

I'm watching the Biggest Loser, makes me motivated to keep going. That, and the fact that a friend keeps telling me to back out of the full and do the half. Sorry lady, this slab of hotness is getting herself a second full marathon medal!

Til next time, stay warm!

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