December 27, 2010

5 Miles on Christmas Day

Happy Belated Holidays!

On Thursday I "ran" 2 miles with a friend. It was really running the first mile, then walking most of the second. I've realized that the hills in my neighborhood aren't as agreeable after days of running on them. They make my butt sore, and the cold makes my lungs angry. Nonetheless, I copped out on Thursday.

Saturday, however, was a new day. After a round of family phone calls to say Merry Christmas, I layered and laced up and headed out to the very, very deserted trail for my 5 miles. It was difficult getting into the rhythm, my body refused to warm up for the first mile. I did get to see 3 deer, an owl, and a fox over the whole 5 miles. The first mile came fairly easy...I walked a tiny bit , ran the next mile, then walked a bit, then things started to unravel. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. My lungs were extremely unhappy, as if I had smoked 5 packs of cigarettes just before running. Somehow I made myself finish run/walk to the car...a little disappointed in myself. Total the 5 miles took around an hour and five minutes...which is disheartening for my goal of 13.1 in 2:30.

I have twelve weeks remaining, and I'm going to bust my butt to make sure I don't have an outcome like the Jazz Half.

Today is 2 miles, and it looks like it will be a treadmill day. The wind chill is around 12 degrees....

December 23, 2010

Yesterday's run, today's still to come

Yesterday was 3 Mile Wednesday. I got home after dark, as usual, layered up, and set out for a new route in my neighborhood...praying not to get lost like I did last time.

The first mile was the same as usual, some barking dogs kept me on my toes and alert, then at the one mile mark I turned to continue on the new route......UPHILL. Lesson learned: I will check elevation before I chart a new route....that hill was killer. What goes up must come down, right?!?! Not in this case. Unfortunately, the next road I turned onto did not follow this belief. SO onward I suffered...mindful of keeping to the curb and avoiding ice, clenching my pepper spray.

Most of the extra middle mile was new territory, and with that comes the fun of exploring and having new things to look at. Let me tell you, I LOVE Christmas lights. It is my favorite thing about this season, and the new mile I added had beautiful houses with beautiful lights to help me up those hills.

The last mile was familiar territory again, same old ball busting hills.

In the end, I'm proud of myself for making the effort to run up the hills, and stop to gasp for air later instead of wimping out and walking up the monsters. I'm starting to really love this cold weather running and the calmness that comes with darkness...even if my lungs refuse to adjust!

Today is two miles, with tomorrow CT, and Saturday another 5 miles. Wish me luck!

December 21, 2010

New to blogging...

So this is the first blog, marking Day Six of training for the Anthem Half Marathon which is 87 ish days away...not that I'm counting.

I hope that by blogging my running journey I will uncover my strengths and weaknesses, and I hope it will also allow me to share my growth and experience...even if I'm the only one who reads this.

I've discovered through my first half marathon that when times are hard, running becomes a therapeutic need in my life. My day seems fuzzy and out of focus if I skip a run. It has become a non-negotiable. And since I have become more comfortable with who I am as a runner, I am deciding to branch out and help out with other organizations and charities. For the Anthem Half, I decided to become a St. Jude Hero in an effort to assist in the battle against child cancer. I am also hoping to join Back On My Feet, an organization that uses volunteer runners to help the homeless communities. I'm pretty excited!

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