April 06, 2012

Should've been a teacher

I should've been a teacher, because I am a little too good at teaching myself lessons.

When switching to a minimalist shoe, everyone knows you are supposed to take it easy and start slow. Slow does not equal three miles, as I subconsciously knew but chose to ignore. Trail minimal shoes are also not equal to road minimal shoes. DUH.

I love my New Balance Minimus Trail shoes, don't get me wrong. They completely help me with my footstrike problem, and I feel liberated when I'm running in them. The problem is, I got carried away the other day and ran three road miles on them, changed into my Brooks Ravs, and then kept on going for another three miles. So now my calves are not thrilled. At least I don't have shin splints?!

So these are the exact shoes I have (photos from NB website). Notice how there is virtually no cushion. No cushion + different footstrike = mad calves.

Above are the road minimus, which have more cushioning than the trail ones, but should still be transitioned into your routine.

Anyway, I brought my lacrosse ball into work today so I can hammer out those calves and get them all nice and limber for my back to back long runs this weekend.

After my run last night, I went to Giant so I could finally buy some healthy groceries (ignore the wine and ice cream I bought...hehe): veggies, fruit, yogurt, oven roasted rotisserie chicken, lettuce, shredded cabbage/broccoli/carrot mixture, beans, banana nut cheerios, milk. So today's meal consists of

Breakfast: 3/4 cup cheerios (what they say is 100 cals - prob with milk and I ate them dry but whatevs), a handful of blackberries, 100 cal yogurt

Snack: apple

Lunch: salad comprised of shredded chicken, kidney and garbanzo beans, the shredded cabbage mixture, almond slivers, feta cheese crumbles, and a tad of balsamic vinagrette

Snack: carrots and 60 cal dip and/or clementines

Dinner: shredded chicken in a tortilla with beans and cheese maybe...or ramen :)

I'll probably repeat this for a few days til I run out of chicken or get bored. I want to get back into eating right and consistently working out. Come June 2, I would like the option of running with just my sports bra and looking like I have decent abs :) I'm sure at some point in that race it will get hot enough to go sans shirt and guys shouldn't be the only ones having all the fun running shirtless! (What will more likely happen: I won't get abs between now and June but I will get hot enough/delusional enough/not care because I'm 35 miles into the race and just take my shirt off anyway...haha, that's my prediction).

Tonight I will do some research about the Potomac Heritage Trail starting in Sterling. It's time to log all of my long runs on a trail of some sort, and time to take advantage that the course is 'in my backyard'.

From my run yesterday on the Mount Vernon Trail, just beautiful this time of year :)

Very pretty if you can put up with the pollen.

Looking forward to tomorrow's run on a new trail!

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  1. One step at a time. No, you don't need to go into the teaching profession.



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