September 17, 2012

Identity Crisis

I really should start thinking of a new name for this blog since there has been minimal running happening since my June race flop. My main workout activity lately has been crossfit, with a little cycling thrown in on occasion.

I bought some bike shoes Labor Day weekend so I could start riding like a real cycler (new word?). Everyone warns you to practice clipping in and out before you get going because it's inevitable that you will fall at least once while adjusting. Well...I fell on my first try using them, even after practicing! Luckily it was a baby fall… I came to a stop at a light and had un-clipped my right foot…but stupidly I leaned to the left, I guess thinking I un-clipped both shoes. I fell, then the bike came down on me. I have a pretty bruise on my knee, but mostly it didn’t cause any damage. I had a good laugh at myself after that…as it took me a minute or two to figure out how to get up with the bike sitting on my still clipped in leg.

And then, on Friday I went to Crossfit after work, after being sick for a week and a half. During that week and a half off, my hip joint started bothering me again. So when I got to Crossfit, the workout was squat cleans, running, kettlebell swings…all things that hurt my hip. I ended up almost bursting into tears with anger, pain and frustration, so my coach modified the workout so I could use the rower instead of run and use the super light kettlebell. Slightly embarrassing. He had a chat with me afterwards about how I need to see a doctor and find out what the problem is so he can help me strengthen and get rid of it.

So off to the doctor I went. I explained my situation to the doctor about the fifty miler training, how I haven't run since June, how the pain was gone then randomly reappeared. She made me do some leg movements and we eventually found exactly where the pain resides. It's a hard to describe the location since I don't know all of the hip/butt muscles, but it's something back there that feels like it connects to my back.  Her basic assessment was that it's a muscular issue, probably just really inflamed. She gave me anti-inflamation meds and a muscle relaxer to help me sleep at night and get comfortable. It's mildly better, but I haven't been able to work out so far. A couple days after the appointment, I visited my crossfit box to explain the situation to Coach Tony and Coach Jesse and get their opinion on how to proceed workout-wise. It's hard to commit to going into crossfit for your workouts when you know you won't be able to do 90% of the movements. They were extremely understanding and told me to keep coming while I'm hurt and they will modify everything for me. Today will be the first time I go in for a workout since Sept 8th... and it's been almost a week since my doctor appointment.

I'm starting to get antsy and anxious with my inability to do things like ride my bike or start buidling up my running base again. I crave going out to the trails and getting back out there like I used to. Maybe it's because I've been reading everyone's race reports from ultra and it makes me just really miss the whole process.  I even pulled up UltRunR and saw that there are quite a few other people that are having/had hip pain and were inquring about cause and any relief. It's strangely comforting to know other ultra runners had/have the same issue from the high miles.

So all in all, I hope this is something I can just strengthen over time through crossfit, cross training on the bike, and eventually...get abck to normal running.

Such a tease to live by these mountains and not be able to play in them.

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  1. We all hit bumps in the's how we get over them that makes the story! Take care of your body and the rest will fall back into place. Easier said than done... (I'm still working out with tendonitis in my hamstring) but ultimately it will prevent further injuries :)



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