August 15, 2013

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Recap

Ugh....heel striking.

Look at how my foot lands. Just awful! I need to work on that.
 Cruising into the finish

Only decent picture of the day!

Oh my...what can I really say about those pictures?! How horrific! I thought I would share the awfulness anyway.

I seem to take the worst race photos. I always look twenty pounds heavier and just blergh.

So onto the actual race report! 

I woke up at 4:25am, threw my running gear on, grabbed my breakfast and gear and hopped in the car to drive the hour to Idaho Springs.  

I got to IS and parked and realized that I was a little late to meet 3W's group of runners at the football field (and I wasn't sure where the field was...), so I hopped on the shuttle that takes runners to the start line area in Georgetown. I went to the packet pickup area by the start and gave them my name, but I wasn't in there. They told me to check at the other table that had the official list, and I wasn't on there either. I explained the situation of how I won the free entry from 3W Races ( but the RD came over and told me that wasn't possible since they allow absolutely NO TRANSFERS. Okay then...I'm without a bib, I don't know who any of the 3W people are....but I woke up at 430am to come out here and run a race. Luckily, one of the ladies at the table took pity on me and when the RD walked away, she gave me a bib, telling me that everyone is out here to have fun anyway. NBD. I was extremely grateful.

I did eventually find some of the 3W group before the start of the race, and we chatted about how we were all undertrained for this distance. Comforting. The start time got closer and I decided to line myself up by the back of the pack (like waaay back...behind the 3 hour pace group). I didn't have my garmin with me, so I decided I would just enjoy the run and try to survive the distance.

The first two miles take you around and through Georgetown, which is very quaint and scenic along the creek. A few early risers came out of their houses to cheer on the runners, but I just tuned into my ipod and some running podcasts and cruised for a while.

I had the best time. Probably my favorite half marathon. Which is strange...because I wasn't very prepared for it, I was freezing for a few hours before the race started, I felt nauseous 99% of the race, and I was out there completely alone. But I had THE BEST TIME.

Anyway, so after the race, I hung out at the 3W tent for a while and then made the hour drive back home. I felt pretty decent after the race and ran some errands the rest of the day and then hit a friend's birthday party.

So this week, on Tuesday, I decided to go to Anchor for the workout but ended up tweaking my already pissed off shoulder. Thank goodness I already had a PT appointment set up for the following day (ironically, I thought about cancelling the appointment since my spine and hip have been doing really well lately...good thing I didn't cancel it!). I went to see him yesterday and it is one of the most painful appointments I've had in the five + months that I've been seeing him. He thinks I somehow slightly separated my shoulder. Awesome. Hopefully what he did will cure my problems and I don't have to go through that again because damn that hurt!

Makes me a little worried for this weekend. I found a half marathon in Estes Park, the inaugural year, on Saturday...but I don't know how bad it will hurt to swing my arm for 13 miles. I guess I'll find out. I have to wake up at 3:45am on Saturday to make my way out there for a 6am start time. That's insane. I suggest that they start just a liiiittle later next year. I'm excited for the race should be beautiful!

I'll recap here probably on Sunday or sometime next week. Saturday will be crazy for me because after the race I have a self defense class from 12-4 at my box. Krav Maga here I come! I'm going to be one sore, tired lady!

Chat soon!

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