November 12, 2013

The Almost Great Debate

Okay so, this weekend I did not run. Whamp. Or yay? Not sure. That's not the great debate though.

Not running this past weekend means that this weekend will mark three weeks out from the 50 miler, and I have only a 20 miler under my belt. Which happened in October. Maybe even in September...not sure. I've done plenty of 13 milers...which is about a quarter of the race. Not. Good. Enough.

SO I have - for real - one more chance at a looong run this weekend, and then I have to just be okay with the way things are. I kinda already am okay with things.

The decision I need to make comes down to this:

Run until I get pulled off the course for missing a cutoff (which could mean the veeery slight possibility of me finishing. Is that safe?!)

Run until my legs fall off (which leads back to #1 because with no legs, undoubtedly I would miss a cutoff, unless my legs don't fall off until I cross the finish line...)

Run until a predetermined mileage. 'I will run until mile X and then call it a day.'

The reality is, I haven't done nearly enough to theoretically do well in this race. I know paper stats aren't everything in life.

According to the course guide, I need to keep a 16:45 min pace through all 50 miles and 9k of elevation gain and 10k of loss. 16:45 min pace may seem like cake to you, but we are talking about multiple miles at a time of uphill battling. On a trail. That makes people slower.

And don't come at me with all this about 'Well you'll be at sea level' because while it MAY help a tiny bit, I highly doubt it will give me super powers. Unfortunately.

So let me hear from you! What do you think?!

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