December 05, 2013

Day of Reckoning T-2 Days

Well folks, the time has finally (almost) come.

Tomorrow I leave bright and early for the Golden State.

Yum. The official state meal. I just lied to you.


So last week, I checked the weather. It said in the 50s, sunny, awesome. Then the other day I checked again - 49, but still mostly sunny, 10% chance of rain.

AND THEN I CHECKED THE WEATHER TODAY. 50% chance of rain?!?!?!? Ugh. Combined with the Friday night rain and the 5am race start...I am not pleased.

So that means by tomorrow it will probably call for -1,000,000 degrees and fireballs shooting out of the earth every 10 feet.

Enjoy THAT 14 hour run.

I just can't even believe my luck right now. This whole training season has been a complete cluster f.

I need to repack my luggage and adjust for the change. And pray I don't get hypothermia.

I hate mud.

Remember this picture?
That was not a fun day for me!

I mean seriously. 50 miles is a hard enough journey, you don't want slippery, wet, hypothermic, shoe sucking conditions on top of that.

I'm just PRAYING....BEGGING...that conditions reverse or magically change for the better. Or that at least that 50% doesn't turn into a higher percentage. And that the temperatures don't drop any lower.

I had butterflies in my tummy BEFORE looking at all of that. Now I'm straight up terrified. And borderline nauseous. Huzzah.

Anyway...going to try REEEALLY hard to think on the bright side. It's hiding from me right now, but hopefully I can find it by Saturday morning!

Either way, I promise you, I will not quit until I am pulled off the course, or I happen to cross the finish line.

PS thanks to everyone for being so amazing and truly believing in me for this race. That, or you guys are really good fakers!!! :)

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