April 23, 2014

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news! Well, to me it's exciting! To you, it's probably just like 'oh okay Steph...you're cool....my goldfish is more exciting than that news you just laid on me.'

But whatevs. Not going to stop me from dropping the exciting news hammer!

YOU GUYS! WE GOT A VITAMIX!!! Thanks to the wedding gift cards and Bed, Bath, & Beyond store credit, we could afford this life changing piece of kitchen equipment. I've probably NEVER been so excited for an appliance. I think the only thing that can compare is when I got my Dyson. And I think I'm WAY more over the moon in love with this thing...and that's saying a lot because I vacuumed every day for a month when I got my Dyson!

 I thought I would have to do some major convincing with the fiance in order to even dream about getting a Vitamix, but he was completely on board! We got it last night and I immediately jumped at the chance to see how this baby performs. I threw an extremely large handful of spinach and two strawberries in there with a little water and let it rip. The SMOOTHEST liquid came out. NO STRAWBERRY SEEDS! It's mind blowing to me. The day before, I used my Ninja to blend up some kale, fruit, and other yummies only to have to semi-chew through the drink.

It came with a really big selection of recipes and I can't wait to use it. Every single day. Every day. All day. Foreverrrrrrr.

As exciting as that is (for me), that's not what I was really referring to. The exciting news is that I am considering running Marine Corps Marathon this year as a charity runner with Semper Fi Fund again! The soon-to-be hubs and I want to make a trip to DC, and I love race trips! What better way to let me get my fill of my old running routes and have him sight see all at the same time?!

I'm still trying to decide. I want to do a long race in the Fall, so it's either MCM or a 50k about 40 minutes away from my house. I'm leaning towards MCM because it's still my favorite race, it's a great charity, we get to visit with my friends and see my 'hometown', and the friends we will stay with have a hot tub. Haha. Yes, it comes down to that. The hot tub.

And the fact that those two friends are the best spectators I've ever had.

So then it's settled. Glad we had this chat! You guys are the best listeners!

Alright. So let's talk about running and what I've been up to since I've been slacking on the updates. I decided to buy a heart rate monitor and a foot pod to help me become better, stronger, and more efficient. I also put my crossfit membership on hold for a while and the man and I bought a barbell and some weights for me to continue doing stregth training at home. I miss the people at the gym, but it was the only way I could focus on getting back into running shape and keeping my body from falling apart. I have been religiously foam rolling when I feel tightness and after runs to help with my hip, and I'm working on strengthening my gluteus medius.

My runs have been faster pace. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I'm rolling with it!I'm drafting up a training plan now, and I'll let you know how things are going!/

Hopefully I look better during this year's finish!

Iwo Jima Memorial, here I come!

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