May 12, 2014

My Fastest Miles

Let's talk about the past couple weeks, shall we?!

4/23 - 2 miles @ 11:28 pace each mile. Never been THAT consistent before! Total run was 22:58

4/24 - 1 mile run for fast pace, completed in 10:10, fastest I've let myself run in a LONG time

5/5 - (long break thanks to weather and I'm a wuss) 1 mile run for fast pace, completed in 9:45, 9:35 moving time

5/6 - 38 minute run in HR Zone 2 = lots of walking to stay in the zone, completed 2.5 miles

5/9 - 1 mile fast pace, completed in a shocking (for me) 9:35, 9:22 moving time

Guys. I'm pretty sure I've never been in the 9s before! I'm also pretty sure I've never pressed myself that hard to see what I'm capable of...but this is amazing!!! I feel like I'm going balls to the wall fast and I have to turn my ipod up pretty loud to drown out my embarrassing breathing. I get this crazy runner's cough when I'm done that lasts at least the rest of the day.

That last fast mile I completed, I left the house with a bad attitude. I didn't feel like I could be as fast as I have been, my legs felt a little lazy and sluggish, so I wasn't sure what kind of number I would pull. I decided to just give all I have, and I pulled out that amazing mile. Then I about died after trying to catch my breath haha. It has to be a pretty amusing sight to see me trying to walk it off and catch my breath when people passing by have no idea that I almost just broke the sound barrier! ...Okay, I know I'm not THAT fast...but it still feels like that to me!


That is the biggest accomplishment out of all of this right now! Man, I've been needing that.

So now that I know I can compete in the Olympics, I will be throttling back on the speed for my mile fast run. Bringing it back to the 10s and going to try to keep consistent there. Try to figure out my range of paces again since I seem to only have two settings: balls to the wall, or sluggish sloth.

I'm also going to start adding in my zone longer runs so I can keep building my endurance capacity while getting faster at the same time.

With all that said, I am still very aware that I have a marathon to run in about 5 months. I'm trying to carefully build my base so I don't do something stupid and end up hurt and burned out again!

Took me a couple times of knocking my head against the pavement, but I'm finally learning!

Happy running!

Help me meet my goal and I will do one burpee for every dollar donated!

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