October 21, 2014


Last year, I was really keen and confident that I could get an avocado pit to sprout so we could have our very own avocado tree and how cool would that be to have endless avocados even though Colorado is less than ideal to grow them?!?!?! (to your surprise, I'm sure, that did not work out for me....but now that I mention it again, I might need to give it another go!)

Sometime this past spring, I convinced my husband to let us buy all of these power tools because I was so sure I would have a natural knack for woodworking. I saw it online and it didn't seem so bad! (a couple wonky end tables and a LOT of scrap wood later....) For the record, we actually made a pretty kick ass dining table and entryway table! It just took a lot of practice, and I'm not good at patience or time.

There's also this time I went to the thrift store alone and came home with four end tables and a small round side table...all for a low, LOW price! I went out looking for just one table to go in our study, and ended up with five instead. I figured for how cheap they were, I could just fix them up and resell or put them in the house! (the projects are still sitting in the corner of the garage half completed because I've changed my mind on their color and purpose too many times...)

This just adds up to a girl who doesn't always completely think things through, but instead dives head first with full confidence that she'll be good at whatever it is... until she isn't.

(I know, you're saying to yourself: 'I thought this blog was about running, not avocados and furniture...')

There was the time that I thought I could be an overnight sensational triathlete. (this has yet to pan out after I signed up for a half ironman and THEN realized that I am shit at swimming)

And another time that I decided about a month before my first 50 miler attempt that it would be awesome to drive up to this 50K in New York that had insane amount of elevation gain and really tricky trails.

I get so inspired by a YouTube video of Killian Jornet flying off those crazy only-a-mountain-goat-can-actually-survive-leaps-like-that descents.

I watch Run Fatboy Run and get persuaded that Simon Pegg could actually be the character in that movie and manage to finish that marathon with basically no training outside of a couple runs while being swatted on the tush with a spatula as motivation.

I watch GingerRunner's videos on YouTube and I think, BAD ASS! YES, I TOTALLY want to run that really hard sounding Squamish 50/50 and be a bad ass too! Even when I hear him say in his video 'Don't do this race'.  I mean, runners are ALWAYS saying stuff like that after a race...AMIRIGHT?!  (gingerrunner.com or youtube, watch the Squamish 50/50 video. It's ahhh-mazing, or the Gorge Waterfall 100k video)((hopefully he's okay with me putting this on here))

I guess you could say I have a romanticized view of running and long races and my abilities to overcome any and every thing. A little humorous considering my track record with ultras.

In my last post months ago, I said I had signed up for MCM and I was going to do the right thing with base building and yadda boring safe runner yadda. I will not be running MCM due to some obligations and travel that would make attending the race a toughie.

Also, I will not be the safe base building yahoo that I've never been in my whole running career. It's just not who I am. Not to say I won't train appropriately and take certain precautions...I'm just not going to put my goals on hold until 2020 just so I can have the 'right amount of miles' before you can ever think about a race. Who comes up with that crap anyway? (Not saying people who eased into racing 'the right way' are yahoos, I just like that word.)

I am hereby (on Monday) signing up for a 100K race. I'm all in. I've created the training plan, researched supplemental exercises to try to keep me injury free and away from the usual hip pain, and I'm going to do things my way. And this time, I'm going to KICK ITS ASS (by way of me crossing the finish line after it completely has its way with me).

And then, I am pondering Squamish in either the Squamish 50 Mile way, or Squamish 50/50.

I'll be sure to keep up on my posts better this time around, and I'll let everyone know about my training plan since it is insanely difficult to find a 100K plan out there.

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