January 05, 2011

Made it to Midweek

It's finally Wednesday, and boy am I exhausted!

The 0430 wake ups have started to take their toll and I am extremely excited that there is only one real workday standing between me and my weekend or pampering, relaxing, and of course...running.

Today started with a mad dash to the metro to catch the very first train. I forgot my ear warmers and neck cover, but I made do without them. Thankfully, this morning was NOT nearly as frigid as Monday was. I ran my "warm-up" of a half mile from the metro station to the meeting spot for my team. Then we did a 1.35 route and ran/walked the whole way. I ran the half mile back to the metro...rode it to work, then ran the mile from there to the doorway of my building.

Not too shabby for a scattered run, and my legs do feel like they've done work today.

I am taking tonight off, on account of not wanting to completely burn myself out. I also have Thursday off...moved my long run to Friday.

AND I am finally at a stable 125!!!!! High school weight I am here to be reunited!

Looking forward to Friday's change of scenery with a run around the monuments!

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