January 03, 2011

Much to catch up on...

So I've been slacking.

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles after work in the Eastern Market neighborhood...annoyed with how many crosswalks you have to stop at.

Friday: 7 miles. Here's the breakdown - Ran the first 2 miles, walked .5, ran the next mile, walked .5, then walked a tiny bit of each .5 til the end. I ate a shot blok waaay too early, made me feel like hurling. Note to self.

Saturday: After partying too hard, hungover/sleepy and very sore from the 7 miles...pain is progress, I guess.

Sunday: I was a bump on a log. I should have gone for 2 or 3 but I didn't. I wanted to be fresh for my Monday morning run for the first time with BOMF.

Monday: Today says 3 miles, this morning with BOMF was mostly walking and after everyone finished up I ran up and down the street a little to get some warmth. I have a feeling that I will be doing double duty every MWF to get my miles in. I don't mind, but I guess I thought that the amount of running would be higher for the group. Still, the ladies of N Street Village are awesome and I'm glad to be on the team.

More to come...

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