February 05, 2011

The Poison of Self Doubt

Well, I won't even pretend that yesterday's run was pretty...

Friday morning, 4:40 AM, alarm starts sounding but I'm barely moving. I finally get the motivation to head to Back on My Feet, and I'm glad I did. Something about those ladies just brings a smile to my face and (sounds stupid) but lightness to my heart. I always leave feeling renewed and confident....now if only I could learn to hold onto that feeling when I need it most. Oh yeah, and I got a wristband saying "Proud member of Back on My Feet" for my participation :)

The plan was to keep running in DC after BOMF for 8 miles...but I forgot food, water and gels. No good. I headed home to get warm and eat. BTW, chicken noodle soup is NEVER okay to eat before a run of any distance. Just trust me. I headed out midday, not feeling 100% but confident I could do my 4 min run 1 min walk intervals. WRONG.

So on here I put a picture of what the trail looked like...not my cup of tea. Single-tracking with one foot in front of the other is not how I envisioned the 8 miles, but I've been pushing running off long enough that this was a Suck it up moment.

Long story short, I ran/walked the first few miles, then the chicken noodle soup came to greet me. Then self doubt greeted me, then muscles I hadn't used in a loong time were screaming at me.

I ended up walking QUITE a bit...which is okay. Sometimes I forget that I haven't been training regularly and I need to remember I cannot run 8 miles overnight. I ended up doing 6.5 miles out there, and about a mile with BOMF. I'll call it a semi success since I did finish the distance, and I am sore today...just gotta work on that mental block!

Tomorrow is 4 miles, something I can handle :)

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