February 03, 2011

Starting Fresh

"Running reminds me that there is more to me than what is readily apparent much of the time. I don't always need to see it, but oh how I need to know it's there. Like having an alter ego, or a super-cool super-hero identity. Yes, to the untrained eye I look a regular, middle-aged mom at the grocery store, but little do you know that before you were even awake, I burned off enough calories that I don't have to eat salad for lunch unless I feel like it. And I can sit peacefully though this meeting or conference call without going stir crazy because I am already pleasantly tired. I can drive to the same places on a routine basis, be on time, and be happy about it because I already blazed a trail of my own. I can encourage everyone else to become their best self, because I am asking more out of myself. I can discipline my children with firmness and kindness because I am practicing discipline myself. I can breathe through difficult situations because I am learning not to panic when it's time to push. I can better appreciate rest when I can clearly contrast it with effort." Kristen Armstrong

I found these awesome words from Kristen Armstrong on her latest entry online on RunnersWorld.com

Sometimes getting out the door is the hardest challenge I will face all day. It greets me with the question of "do I have what it takes to finish my miles today, will I be strong and push through the weakness..."

I'm sure every runner faces these challenges, no matter their skill level. I have been trying to juggle the decision of a last minute 6 week training push for my half marathon on March 20, or giving in to the couch potato and just forfeiting this race.

Well...the couch potato lost. Between finally being my high school weight and talking with some very inspiring people (although I'm sure they didn't know at the time), I deciding that I absolutely cannot quit. I would rather steamroll my body across the finish line because my two legs gave out than tell everyone I quit a race because I thought it would be too challenging.

Isn't that why we run in the first place? To challenge our body and our minds, grow physically and mentally, some even spiritually?

Anyway, the countdown is on, and there are 43 days left until I make my second attempt at 13.1 . No race time in mind, just finish.

I've upped my runs during the week to 4 miles, and I am still participating with Back on My Feet, and starting my long runs at 8 miles...which will be logged tomorrow.

More to come!

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