July 07, 2011

Snakes on a trail


I hope my mom doesn't read my blog...because I don't think she will appreciate the fact that I get to run through live wires as the final obstacle of the TM....not that I'm terrified of that specific obstacle AT ALL...plus, this posting contains snakes.

Yesterday I went for a run around Roosevelt Island since it has a fraction of a bit more shade than the Mt. Vernon Trail. I know it's a 'trail' technically....but I don't expect to see wildlife out on the run. I found two snakes. SHUDDER. Bleh. I hate snakes. In fact, I tried looking up a picture of one that looked like the two I found, but I had a hard time looking at the images... even though they are safe on google and not a few inches in front of me. (And when I tried google images they insisted I was searching for Samuel L Jackson in Black Snake Moan...that's awkward.)

Did I know if they're poisonous, you ask?

A. I did not get close enough to see (which also adds to the difficulty of finding a good picture...plus they were small and you would think I'm (more) of a pansy.)

B. How the hell do I know?! I always try to remember that rhyme of red and black, you're dead jack (okay, I made that one up...which proves my point that I can't remember what will kill you (SHOULD I REALLY BE ALLOWED TO RUN ALONE?!) I digress).

I saw them about halfway through and it made me SUPER edgy the rest of the run. I took the Swamp Trail again, and while running on the boarded pathway I saw a little lizard type critter and he even scared me, but I didn't want to turn back because I knew those snakes were probably around somewhere just waaaaiting for me. And it's not like I considered catching said lizard critter and keeping it just in case I ran into the snakes again...snake appetizer?! Didn't cross my mind. Those lizards are fast!

At least it made me run faster? And crazy looking flailing around? That's hot. No one needs to know. It's not like I'm some reality star where cameras follow me around to watch me freak out at the tiniest snake.

After my run, I went home and improvised some strength training, which brings me to the link I have at the beginning of this post. I decided that I need a better organized regimen to get in TM and MCM shape, so I found the workout TM suggests and I will begin doing this on my two cross training days. Pretty exciting! I look forward to having bulging muscles! Maybe then I can just punch the snake, Chuck Norris style.


And if that doesn't work, maybe I can harness the powers of MacGyver and make a tourniquet from vines and spit.

...not that I've thought about this at all...

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