August 25, 2011

Kiss My Legs Goodbye


Monday: Took Bruce for extra long vet visit and made sure he didn't die from the new medicine - did not run :(

Tuesday: Woke up eeeearly to run before work, but my legs felt like 100 lbs of lead. So I went to work early, earthquake happened, went home and ran that evening...little too late in the evening. It started getting dark when I was at the turn-around point, but it was nice running through the city at dusk, and cool too. Legs still not cooperating...thank you trail run. I think it was 4 miles.

Wednesday: Yesterday I headed to Roosevelt Island for my usual parking area. After checking out the totally sexy secret service type man that parked right next to me and contemplated what kind of suspicious behavior would have me getting frisked (mostly jk...), I started my run :P
I made my way down the Potomac Heritage Trail (not very far) and got a little scared when I saw a heap of what could have been trash, or could have been some one trying to hide/live down I high tailed it back to the regular, safer trail. I decided to go up the ramp to get to Rosslyn, where Erin busted me for walking down Lynn to get to the Iwo Jima Memorial area. Once I was close by there, I started to run, around the memorial and down past the cemetery over towards Ft Myer. Not only was this a beautiful day, but passing by the memorial and the cemetery served as a great reminder of race day, and why I am raising money for Semper Fi Fund for the wounded soldiers who sacrifice for us daily. Talk about humbling yourself.

Tonight I have off, because tomorrow after work I get to run 15 miles. Weee... It will be my first time EVER going over 13 miles. But not the last time.

It's close to only two months left before I attempt the 26.2, and I am over halfway to my fundraising amount I need want to raise.

If you have already contributed, I thank you again. Your support means the world to me. If you haven't contributed, please consider.

I'll fill you in on Monday about how I kicked butt in those 15 miles!

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