February 12, 2012

First Week of Ultra Training

So today concludes my first week of the new training schedule, running five days out of the seven this week.

Monday: 2
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4
Friday: Off
Saturday: 10
Sunday: 8
Total: 26

I think I already talked about every other running day this week with the exception of today and yesterday. And Thursday, so that's where I will begin.

Thursday SUUUUUUCKED. Majorly. I had the worst day and then went home to do my four miles. I was hungry, exhausted, grouchy, and cold. Then I got shin splints. I finished them out and proceeded to have wine and a good cry.

On Friday, after work, I decided to go straight to Pacers to exchange my Saucony Hurricanes. Whamp on those. They had great news for me, the Ravennas were in stock! Rejoice! They had the older model (discounted since the new one is out) and he also brought me the new one to try out. Because of my discounts and store credits, I basically walked out of there with two new pairs of shoes for just an extra $25. So now I FINALLY get to alternate my pairs of shoes to give them a little recovery and bounce back and not wear down so quickly. Yahoo!

Aren't they a sight for sore eyes?! Very pleased to have them in my life.

After getting the shoes I just relaxed some at home, trying to unwind from the long work week.

Saturday morning rolled around with cold, drizzly weather and I went to meet the girls a little up the road from my house for a ten mile run. I had a little trouble during the run...shin splints in the very beginning and just tired out easily on the hills...huffing and puffing and feeling completely out of breath once at the top. We ran down 16th street, over on Constitution, up 18th (hey hills!), to Conn Ave (mooore hills...), and to Columbia Rd...(hills hills hills), then to 16th again and back to the cars. It took us about 2:40 to finish with all of our issues, freezing being one of them. I thought yesterday was cold....

These helped out a little after the run, from Sweet Lobby. I shared with the girls:

I woke up this morning and took the dog outside. I made him hurry. SO, so cold. Like, 20 degrees. Then I ate this deliciousness for breakfast: two eggs, a toooon of fruit, coffee, and yogurt.

Ate all that goodness while I followed Ironman 70.3 Panama and kept tabs on Lance Armstrong. Pretty inspiring race.

Around 2pm I finally got the courage to go out there, layering a short sleeve shirt with my pullover and the wind jacket on top, and my under armor tights. Gloves, ear warmers, and neck cowl to complete the look. I ran almost the identical route as yesterday, just starting from my house instead and shaving off two miles. I got shin splints AGAIN early on (sigh) and was too stubborn to walk them off. I walked off and on to shake them off and eventually they subsided and allowed for a really great run. The hills were still there but I was able to dig deep and push through them, even with running 10 miles yesterday. The only thing I could really feel was the use of my calves. The wind was BRUTAL out there too. At times I felt like I was running in place...that's how bad it was. And all the water fountains are shut off around the city so I skimped on my sips from the water bottle...running out in the last mile. I ate one gel.

That's what Bruce does while I go outside and prance around for hours in the cold.

This is what I do to get back at him. Who said you need to actually use the stability ball for exercise?!:

He's scared of the ball but LOVES that toy. It was a fun time...way more fun than doing crunches and stuff.

I feel like I had a lot to say, but I'm really pooped from the eight miles today. I guess the back to back long runs take a toll. Luckily, I wasn't really tired during the run. I expected to feel rundown and not 100% capable to get in the miles but it really wasn't that bad at all.

Gotta say, pretty glad I have tomorrow off from running. Maybe I'll use that gym pass I have and do some cross training, I think I could really benefit from strengthening other areas.

Time for this grandma to hit the hay.

This next week looks like this:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: 2
Thursday: 4
Friday: Off
Saturday: 12
Sunday: 8
Total: 28

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