February 19, 2012

They Owe Me Fries.

Look at this fashion trend that's about to catch on, all courtesy of me wearing it outside for a run on Thursday! My thought process was that since I almost froze to death last Sunday, and that (especially in this area by my house) there are a lot of stares at cat calls when I wear just my tights, I would layer up with a pair of running shorts!

Not my best look...I'll admit. The run was decent though, and that's the important part. My calves still plague me, but otherwise it was a success.

Magically on Saturday I was able to sleep in until 11am! That hasn't happened in quite some time. It was lovely. I took my time getting ready, and eventually got my butt going for a 12 mile run.

It was awesome weather out, a windy 50 ish degrees and sunny. I wore my sparkly Bic Band to tame my lion's mane I get when I run and it's windy.

I wasn't feeling so great for the first half of the run...mostly nauseous and my calves hurt...what's new there. My route went down 14th St, over on Constitution to 3rd St in front of the Capitol...full of tourists. Tourists who are lucky enough to have a view like this on their vacation:

How lovely.

Then I went down Independence to 15th St, to Hains Point. I started to feel a little bit better by this point, probably because I knew I was heading home! From HP I went up Ohio, onto Constitution, saw a newly wed couple taking photos in their full getups in front of the Lincoln Mem. and eventually made my way over to 14th Street again to head home.

By the time I got home I felt so completely drained. I wanted an immediate nap, food, and to get off of my swollen and achey feet. Usually that doesn't happen to me from 12 miles. I'm learning that this training plan is NOT like my old one. Sigh. Everything hurts. Okay, not everything. My LEGS hurt. A lot. It's very taxing on my body and I cannot wait for it to make the adjustment. Please, oh please, make the adjustment!

After my run, I showered and decided to walk to get a burger I have been craving all week for my cheat meal. On the walk back from getting said 'gourmet' (read - expensive) burger and fries, I was only a block or two away from the house and half of the bottom dropped out. Bye bye delicious, well earned, well dreamt about fries. I could've cried. Too bad the five second rule doesn't apply to DC sidewalks. Either way, the burger was delicious. And I got these in the mail which makes every bad thing go away:

Love that man.

When I went to bed last night, I knew that today would be a rough run for me based on the way my legs and feet felt. I feel bad that Genny had to suffer through the 8 miles with me today because they were far from the most pleasant. Again, I wanted to barf 90% of the way..it's a new phase I guess. Wish I could shake it. And my feet hurt, and of course my calves. Fruuustrating. We chatted and ran/walked (mostly walked..sorry G) the whole way and made it through before snow could catch us.

I've felt pukey the rest of the day so it must just be a bug in my system.

The schedule this week looks like this:

M: Off
Tu: 2
W: 4
Th: 6
F: Off
Sa: 14 (with a 10k trail race)
Su: 8

Let's hope my body can keep up!!!

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