March 01, 2012

At Odds With Training Plans

I love using as a great ultrarunning resource, or for trail running info...pretty much anything running related. The creator is a beast and has many accomplishments in the running world. I went to Barnes & Noble the other day seeking ANYTHING ultrarunning related (other than Dean's books, which I love reading)...searching for some sort of guide to help me along. I found Relentless Forward Progress (such a great name for an ultrarunning guide), by the creator of iRunFar, Byron Powell. I've been flipping through the book the past few days since I've been out of commission running wise thanks to a random 'injury', and I've been picking up great tips and need to know things.

One of the chapters in the book is dedicated to training plans, and it's broken down by how far your race is, and how many miles a week you would like to put in. My Santa Claritas plan has me ramping up to an eventual 60 miles in a week, with five days of running, two of them being back to back long runs. The book follows a close schedule as far as the five day running, back to backs (there's an option for four days of running), but it gives an option of 40 miles total a week, 50, or 70. Now, we all know 70 is not happening. And I feel like 40 is too close to what I do in marathon training, so 50 seems like the logical choice. I compared my current plan with that in the book, and I think overall, I would be happier and less injury prone with the book's plan.

I still need to tweak the miles to free up Helen's wedding and the days I'll be traveling to/from Alabama and Dubai. Othwerwise, this is my new thang! I conveniently keep forgetting about the EX2 Off Road Half Marathon I signed up for on May 19. I'll figure out a way to run an extra 5 miles.

I gotta say, I'm already super excited to taper...even though it's still about 11 weeks away.

Also, I returned the Montrail Bajadas due to fit, and ordered La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0 from on sale. Woot. Hope these fit.

They have good reviews and seem to be a good combo for the terrain I will be running on, since from this weekend on I hope to get each Saturday run out on a trail.

I'm pretty sure I would benefit from not being able to online shop for running things, because I end up wanting all kinds of stuff...

Like these compression socks from CEP:

I would also like some Dirty Girl Gaiters to keep the dirt and rocks out of my shoes while trail running:

I also want the Gym Girl Ultra skirt from Skirt Sports (medium!). They have shorts underneath to prevent chafing!:

Or the Women's Might Power Skort from Mountain Hardwear:

I still want a whole slew of other things, like that Beast Mode shirt or the one by the same company that the words appear once you sweat!

I would also love anything from

Siiiigh. When I'm a billionaire.

Back to real life: On Tuesday I FINALLY ran for the first time in over a week. Woo. A whopping 5.5 miles, haha. I was scheduled for 7 but figured pushing it on my first day back when I'm still not fully recovered...didn't sound like a great idea. I've come to realize now that the beginning of my runs suck. About halfway through or close to the end I finally get in a groove and then I realize I need to stop. It's a bummer for the short runs but I guess it's good news for my longer runs. Today I will go run for maybe 6 or 7 in the GORGEOUS weather. Then Saturday will be 5, and Sunday claims to have 22.

We. Shall. See.

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