March 14, 2012

No Longer Treading in Place

Ever get your car stuck in the mud, or in snow so badly that the tires keep turning over...using so much effort, but there's no forward movement? And all you end up with is your car still stuck, feeling flustered, frustrated and teary eyed (at least I do...), feeling a little hopeless and like there's not much else you can do but get out of the car and push til you're clear of the obstacle.


That's exactly how I felt. For the past few weeks anyway...

I have a few issues I'm dealing with, and some issues I've been more (probably too much) vocal 'running' injuries. I don't think they are from running per se, but they have been impacting my ability to train as of lately and have been a constant topic racing through my mind.

Originally, I was going to vent on here. But that won't fix anything, will it? I think I've been wallowing in my injuries long enough. Maybe I no longer feel like complaining because I finally feel like the tide is turning and I can jump ease back into my training!

I *think* I took the week of Feb 20th off...I don't really remember. The following week I tried to run but ended up walking most of my miles, determined to get them covered somehow. As Dean would say, 'Run when you can, walk if have to, crawl if you must...just never give up.'

I couldn't run, but I could walk.

On March 3rd, I was feeling adventurous enough to go back out to Rosaryville for what was supposed to be a 18-22 mile run on a trail. Rosaryville brings up a lot of mixed emotions. Fear of failure, a little anxiety, excitement, a strange comfort I feel when I'm on a trail. It's the second trail I've ever been on. It's where I humbled myself by dropping out of the 50K. It's where I think I really started to fall in love with R.

I went out there alone...with my new sportivas, and I crammed in the car my brooks cascadias 6 (which I hate) and my road brooks juuuust in case the sportivas sucked. I was a little surprised to see how many bikers there were,, but I am actually glad they were there. When I move to CO, I want to get a bike. I don't think I'm ready for mountain biking just yet, but I would like one. It was a group that seemed to have two advanced riders, and a slew of beginners. And a gorgeous golden retreiver that just followed the advanced guys all day on the trail. I want one of those too. I got a head start on the trail before the bikers inevitably caught up to me. We played rabbit for a little while but I was glad to have 'company' and exchange pleasantries here and there.

In the beginning I look kinda like I'm enjoying myself. Then the need to #2 sank in. I wouldn't have minded peeling off the trail and just getting it done, but all those bikers were there, so my only option was to just suck it up. If you've run long enough, you've most likely encountered this problem before. It. Is. A. Problem. For sure. It's bearable if you walk...mostly unbearable if you run. I ran walked anyway, feeling more beat than usual.

Creepy barn.

One of my favorite trails because it's so nicely groomed (probably not the right word). There were a few mud pockets...

...but the sportivas handled the trail like a champ. I didn't trip at all! That's pretty impressive for the super clumsy me.

My pedicure held up. Woot woot.

It was a long day, but I still love the trail for being soooo easy to follow and not get lost, as well as the clear path. I'll definitely be back.

During the past week, I walked some miles again, and then at my parents' house I got on the treadmill...pushed it to the highest incline and walked for an hour. I did that twice.

Today I will go out for a bit and see what I can manage, if anything, with combo. If I can't run, I'll walk the miles and then hit up the gym for some other cardio. Bikini time is fast approaching...t minus 11 days!

Then the half (or full? hehe) marathon is this Saturday. That should be a good time with my best friends, and then some festivities after :) Then more running/walking on Sunday to get me back on track!

I'm kinda excited to get this race out of the way so I can focus all of my energy on getting across that 50 mile finish line on June 2.

So I wrote the entirety of the post above over the past few days and then failed to actually ever post in. A-Duh. Go me.

Yesterday I walked about five miles.

Today I ran/walked 10.5 miles and it felt SOOOO good to get out there moving faster than a snail and sweating out all that bad juju.

Not to mention, the race is Saturday, and then I LEAVE FOR VACATION/SEE MY MAN IN 9 DAAAAYS!!!


Time for bed.

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