June 28, 2012

Back To Sweating

We are finally getting settled in our new home in Commerce City, CO. It's been pretty hot lately, but I'm grateful that the heat is sans humidity, making it a little more bearable for the humans and the dogs. The dogs are enjoying the backyard and an early morning walk from yours truly after I get my workout in.

I've started waking up at around 730am to get into the Crossfit Endurance beginners routine a friend emailed me. I'm still a little wonky and achey for getting back into the high miles of running, so I figured that CFE is a good alternative to keep me in shape since I don't have a bike or a gym membership. Must make due with what I have.

Yesterday was my first CFE day. 10 pushups, 20 sit-ups, and 10 box jumps for three rounds NFT(not for time). Then I did a short quarter mile run around the block. I had to do girl pushups because I literally have zero muscle in my arms...and I feel the burn today. I coasted easily through the sit-ups, but I also feel a mild burn today in my abs. My legs feel fine from the box jumps. That's good news I guess that I retained some amount of muscle from a month off of no running or working out after the fifty miler training.

Today I woke up early again and went outside for my running day of CFE: 10x100m, walking back to the start after each rep for recovery. It sure did feel good to run some. I knocked this out fairly easily, then went home and took the dogs out for about a half mile walk.

I'm trying to remember that I need to ease into things and not pile on tons of work out activities, but I feel like I'm not doing much. It took a lot of restraint today to not go lift some weights or do some lunges or squats or ANYTHING after only run/walking two miles.

Tomorrow I am doing five rounds NFT of 10 pushups (ouch already), 20 sit-ups, and 15 lunges. Then I'm supposed to have Saturday and Sunday off but I'm going to see if I can convince R to head to a trail somewhere and he can run and I can hike or something.

Yay getting back in shape and losing the flabbiness I've started accumulating! Now to find close by trails that remind me of the tree covered ones of VA...one of the only things I miss about the area.

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