June 01, 2012

Less Than 24 Hr to Go!

I'll wanna be sedated! (Get it...?! Like the song...)

Tomorrow is the big day: Exactly 18 hours from now. HOLY YIKES!

Fully commence freak out mode!

Launching in





Seriously, this could be the biggest lead up to anything I've ever done ever in my life EVER.

12 hours of pure delight. Pain. Frustration.Worry. Joy. Tears. High fives. Sweaty hugs.

Finishing 50 miles in a 13 hour time period will undeniably be so emotional for me. I expect to cry during the race, as I come in to the finishing chute, as the medal is placed around my neck, as I see my friends waiting and cheering for me.

Humorous things I expect to happen based on my training runs: hallucinating that a tree is a horse, having ridiculous songs pop into my head like "I Will Survive" and Flock of Seagulls' "Ran So Far Away" and "I Would Walk 500 Miles" or my personal favorite from the last few miles of Bear Mountain, 98 Degrees "It's the Hardest Thing I'll Ever Have to Do".  I'll also randomly laugh at myself for doing something stupid, ie - not paying attention and tripping on air. I'll try to crack jokes with those around (if there is anyone around me...).

I also asked my friends to provide me any mantras they think will help. My personal favorites are to just scream "WOOOOOO" (which I seriously will do!) and tell myself that I am a robot (in a robot voice). I seem to cuss a lot too as a way of coping with the hills and/or pain. I like yelling at myself "COME ON" too. Not sure why, but it seems to help me :)  I know everything is going to hurt eventually, so hopefully I will be able to just accept that and keep pushing to get to the end and sit down sooner.

I will load my friend's newest mix (dude is SUPER talented, go check him out...DJ Wizdom) onto my phone for some tunes, as well as hold on to the tunes that never fail to get me into a rhythm:

Golden Jubilee from Boy & Bear
Making Me Nervous from Brad Sucks (love love love to run to)
My Racing Thoughts from Jacks Mannequin
Release Me from Jacks Mannequin
Walk Away from The Script
Scotland from The Lumineers
Anything from Fitz & The Tantrums
Most recent CD from Foo Fighters

Then here's this info of my projected times....

Run down of each Aid:
Mile 4.8: Sugarland @ 6:00am
Mile 8.1: Fraser @ 6:45am
Mile 14.8: Great Falls @ 8:30am
Mile 18.9: Old Dominion @ 9:30am
Mile 21.7: Great Falls @ 10:10am  (HARD CUTOFF 10:42AM)
Mile 25.8: Old Dominion @ 11:00am
Mile 28.6: Great Falls @ 11:40am
Mile 32.7: Old Dominion @ 12:30pm
Mile 35.5: Great Falls @ 1:10pm (HARD CUTOFF 2:59PM)
Mile 42.2: Fraser @ 3:10pm
Mile 47.9: Sugarland @ 4:40pm
Mile 50: Finish line @ 5:10pm  (Earliest Estimation is 5:00PM, Don’t get antsy til 5:50PM, but maybe 4:30 just in case I sneak in early somehow)
I'm very excited to get this started. I feel so lazy from not running much after Bear Mountain, and I'm anxious to see how my body has held up with all that time off. I just really hope I can complete the distance safely. So much work has gone into preparing for this one day. I think i will eventually go into Race Surival Mode where you kind of tunnel vision everything out but the task at hand.

I'll try to provide a race recap faster than I did for Bear Mountain, but it might take me a little time to wrap my head around everything, and it will take me even longer to write a recap if for some unforeseen reason I DNF.

Wish me (and my poor pacers who have to deal with a grouchy Steph) luck!

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