February 08, 2013

Back At It

And I'm back!

Multiple meanings with that statement. Back at the box five days a week, back to doing movements with my shoulder, albeit with baby baby weights (so I'll have one jacked arm and one spaghetti noodle arm), back to trying to regularly write here, back to my old happy self...back to training!

Not much running happening still, and not too much complaining...unless it's about my stupid shoulder holding me back or the amount of soreness I feel every day walking around after cf. Or about how my butt hurts from a thirty mile bike ride. So I guess I do still complain a lot.

I start my new job on February 12, and it's so freaking close to the house that I have no excuses about not having time to train or get to the box, etc anymore because it's literally a five minute drive.

Newest developments with things: 

  • I've been doing pretty well with meals! Mostly paleo-ish, trying to wean myself off of splenda in my coffee...already used to the coconut milk in there. And I need to try to drink less wine. Try.
  • I can actually do regular pushups now if I'm not too sore and my shoulder is cooperating that day.
  • I have accomplished four HSPUs in a row with three ab mats under my head.
  • I signed up for the Crossfit Open...which I regret just a tiny bit because I found out that there are no modifications. So I have a month to figure out pull-ups without bands, and to get my shoulder on board with everything! I just figured why not sign up if we will be doing the workouts in the box anyway...get credit for them and then next year I can see my improvements!

I did a 5k the other weekend, walked most of it though with a new friend. I tried getting the picture on here but they have those privacy copyright whatevers on it.  5ks are a ton more fun when you get a group of people to go out there with you! I had a good time.

I also did an 18 ish mile bike ride the other weekend with two ladies from the gym and had a blast, though it was about 15 degrees colder out than what we had anticipated. I actually figured out how to switch gears on my bike, so I'm way more efficient out there and a lot less tired! And no flat tires this time AND I did not fall once! That's progress, people!

I decided to pull out of Moab's Canyonlands Half Marathon since it's on a Saturday and I won't have enough leave with the new job yet. Plus I have no where to stay since I booked the hotel under the ex's name. I can do that race some other year.

I am no longer running Big Sur Marathon either. I'll try for it some other year as well, but right now the timing is not good. So now I will be switching all of my focus over to getting ready for 70.3 Boulder, and getting my hip/leg checked out to make sure nothing funny is going on. I think my right leg might be a different length than the left, which is causing problems with running. I still need to go see someone about that. Soon.  And I need to get my butt to the pool way more often so I can increase my lung capacity and start increasing my endurance. I have til Aug 3 to figure out how to swim 1.2 miles! I do love my swim dates with Rachel, though I think I hold her back with trying to chit chat instead of swim and buy my time until we go sit in the hot tub :)

Today I am going to figure out how to set up this indoor bike trainer!

That's the update for now.

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