June 08, 2011

Swamp Run

Yesterday was a great day to stay inside. I'm stubborn. I went outside. I changed at work and went straight to the Roosevelt Island parking lot, and decided semi-last minute to run on the island for some "trail running" to aid in my training for the TM. I unknowingly took the Swamp Trail, following an older asian gentleman into the woods and trying to keep a safe, but within eyesight distance to keep my pace. Well, old man was hauling butt! I eventually gave up on trying to keep up with him, and found myself crossing onto wooden planks for about a mile of the 1.3 trail.

This trail is beautiful, and it's definitely a swamp. I felt like I was running through a rainforest, with the bugs and birds making noise and the thick, humid air filling my lungs. I was dripping with sweat, and sucking down water from my new camelbak, which btw I LOVE!

I love trail running because it makes you feel more connected with your surroundings. I don't wear my ipod or anything like that, and I usually run alone, so all that I have is the sound of my breathing, my footfall, and whatever is in my environment. (And the sloshing of water in my Camelbak). It's easier to disconnect yourself from your day and just focus on that moment.

The trail doesn't go on forever, and before I knew it I was back at the bridge to cross over to the Mt Vernon Trail. I ran a little ways on there, then headed back to the car to grab my kettle bell for some swings and arm workout. I did squats and lunges for good measure, and I feel the effort today, used in a good way.

This morning I was able to roll out of bed in enough time to make it to NSV for my BoMF run. It's the first one I'm able to attend in a looong time, and I was happy I made the effort. NSV is about a mile away from my new apartment, so I strapped on the Camelbak and sprinted there, walked with a member about a mile, then ran the mile back home and came to work.

I love coming to work and already feeling like I've accomplished something for the day.

Life is good to me.


  1. Hayley, not sure if I ever answered you, but this is a trail that goes around Roosevelt Island. You can get to it from the parking lot off of the GW Parkway, by Rosslyn.



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