June 03, 2013

My First Year in Colorado!

I'm just days shy of being in Colorado for a year! And since I haven't done much running this past year and thus haven't really been on here that much, I'm going to treat to you a a year of photos!

Potomac Heritage Trail in VA....now onto the CO pictures!

Roadtrippin with my baby bear!
First time at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, first taste of CO trails!


First trip to Boulder

Work Conference to Chicago

My first Crossfit Competition! Deadlift PR

New roomate...handsome devil!

Winter Park

My first 30 mile bike ride
Running of the Green 7k

He just loves the snow!
Steamboat Springs trip!

Hot Springs

Birthday Boy
Girl's Night


I'll get in big trouble for this one...

So that's that. A year here in Colorado. A lot has happened in a year. I can't believe I ever thought about leaving this beautiful state to go back to DC! I miss the Northern VA trails sometimes and I definitely miss my friends, but I wouldn't trade my life here to go back. I love love love my crossfit gym. I love all of the amazing people I've met that are now like family to me. I love day and weekend trips to the other beautiful areas of Colorado. I love the two new dogs around me. I love my roommate :)

Life is oh so good.

I'll do a real, written post soon...entailing how I'm going to go to the doctor to see if I have sports induced asthma, Bruce going to the doctor (again..poor guy), and my upcoming runs and new training plan!

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  1. I am so honored to be a part of your life here! You make Colorado better and I do NOT say that about most transplants!



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