December 23, 2010

Yesterday's run, today's still to come

Yesterday was 3 Mile Wednesday. I got home after dark, as usual, layered up, and set out for a new route in my neighborhood...praying not to get lost like I did last time.

The first mile was the same as usual, some barking dogs kept me on my toes and alert, then at the one mile mark I turned to continue on the new route......UPHILL. Lesson learned: I will check elevation before I chart a new route....that hill was killer. What goes up must come down, right?!?! Not in this case. Unfortunately, the next road I turned onto did not follow this belief. SO onward I suffered...mindful of keeping to the curb and avoiding ice, clenching my pepper spray.

Most of the extra middle mile was new territory, and with that comes the fun of exploring and having new things to look at. Let me tell you, I LOVE Christmas lights. It is my favorite thing about this season, and the new mile I added had beautiful houses with beautiful lights to help me up those hills.

The last mile was familiar territory again, same old ball busting hills.

In the end, I'm proud of myself for making the effort to run up the hills, and stop to gasp for air later instead of wimping out and walking up the monsters. I'm starting to really love this cold weather running and the calmness that comes with darkness...even if my lungs refuse to adjust!

Today is two miles, with tomorrow CT, and Saturday another 5 miles. Wish me luck!

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