December 21, 2010

New to blogging...

So this is the first blog, marking Day Six of training for the Anthem Half Marathon which is 87 ish days away...not that I'm counting.

I hope that by blogging my running journey I will uncover my strengths and weaknesses, and I hope it will also allow me to share my growth and experience...even if I'm the only one who reads this.

I've discovered through my first half marathon that when times are hard, running becomes a therapeutic need in my life. My day seems fuzzy and out of focus if I skip a run. It has become a non-negotiable. And since I have become more comfortable with who I am as a runner, I am deciding to branch out and help out with other organizations and charities. For the Anthem Half, I decided to become a St. Jude Hero in an effort to assist in the battle against child cancer. I am also hoping to join Back On My Feet, an organization that uses volunteer runners to help the homeless communities. I'm pretty excited!

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