April 23, 2011

hills. HILLS. hills.

Well, well, well. I finally completed a FULL training week. Woot Woot! Took me long enough to get my crap together and get motivated, but I think I'm finally on the right track and pulling it together like I did the last time I was in training. :D

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday were all 3 milers, nothing too fancy there. Today was just tacking on another mile, but man when will I learn my lesson and look at elevation when I pick a new route?! I ran my 1.5 loop, decided to throw the new mile sandwiched in between the 2 loops....baaad idea. The hills will monsters. Not doing that route again! All in all, good Saturday run, of course the sun came out after I was back inside :P

Looking forward to having tomorrow off and beginning a new week on Monday!

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