April 13, 2011


I went for a three mile run on Monday, in the 84 degree heat. This time I was smart enough to bring my water belt...however, I was not smart enough to keep my mouth closed during the entire run. I guess I forgot about bugs flying around since it hadn't been very warm before. I forgot that bugs have an uncanny ability to fly into places they don't belong. My mouth.

Last summer, I was out on a run with a friend when a gnat flew into my eye. MY EYE. Ugh. I was worried I would contract malaria or something...whatever bug disease there is (I didn't...that I know of....).

But I digress. I finished in 32 minutes flat (I never claimed I was fast), daydreaming the last little bit of the run about boys and whatnot, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get motivated!

Special shout-out to my awesome sister for gifting me a running singlet! New running gear gets me excited!

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