March 21, 2011

Back in the saddle

Whew, I JUST finished reading a few articles of mad men spouting off whatnots about 'how can barefoot running be good for you if everyone says to start out slow or you'll get hurt'.

NEWS FLASH DUDE: Ever think that it's because your feet are no longer used to the way nature intended?

Now, I know I only just bought my shoes on Sunday, and they are still under a trial period to win my complete affection (we're already at about 90% love), but don't go writing pages worth of a rant that supports the big shoe companies if you don't even know what you're talking about (not that vibram isn't making bank off of the bfr movement).

Now that I've gotten that of my chest, it is a workout merely getting the vibrams on, but I'm told it gets easier after more use. The shoes make me feel like a kid, giddy to go play outside, light as a feather on my feet, and connected to the world. (Yeah, okay...I drank the koolaid) I can't wait til I am capable of running more than just a few blocks in them! No sense in pushing too hard right away and killing all the joy! (AND MACHINE WASHABLE?!?! WIN!)

I LOVE buying running gear and gadgets when I start to feel a drag or lull in my motivation. It's probably a horrible idea to go out and spend money just to get myself excited to "lace up", but it's something that works for me. I feel renewed in my love for the road when I have something shiney and new to put on!

Tonight I'll go for 2 or more if I feel good with my Brooks Ravennas, then come home and slip on my wonderful fivefingers.

This helps me get over the fact that this morning, despite me showing up at the Capitol 25 minutes early for the BoMF Birthday Run, I was unable to locate where the entire group was and ended up just heading into work super early. I was looking forward to running with all the teams :/ Better luck next year. At least I get to get all dolled up and cut loose on Thursday at the BoMF Birthday Bash!


So traffic was super zippy and I made it home in record time...decided to change in my car in a semi secluded area into my running gear, and took off for a mile in my VVF and how GLORIOUS! Then I ran back to the car, switched into my Brooks for another mile-ish...WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Once I put the 'real shoes' on, you could totally feel how much cushion was in there! All in all, awesome run today, excited for tomorrow!

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