March 29, 2011

Runner's High

I don't think I've been so sweatily happy since the first time I discovered running in fresh snow!

3 miles, 28 minutes. THAT'S A RECORD...for me! Usually, a 5k in 30 min is pushing hard for me, so how on earth did I manage this?!?! I think a few good things happened to encourage my inner speed demon (don't worry, I got slapped on the wrist for it later).

1. Being asked out on a date does wonders for your esteem, kept my mind occupied during 80% of the run planning out what to wear and mentally going through my closet, hehe

2. Conditions were just right. It was a little brisk out, but I was (mostly) dressed for the weather. Probably could have gotten some use out of gloves...

3. Guilt. Knowing I didn't run my "long run" this weekend really made me push to get the 3 miles done.

4. I park beside a high school and the neighborhood I run through allows you to hear the warm-up and game music for the soccer and baseball games during parts of the route. It's like my own personal theme music.

There's a baaaaaby hill right in the beginning of the route, after a .1 stretch of flat road, then you go downhill around a curve, then a subtle, long uphill battle to get back around the curve. It's a 1.5 loop.

The first time on the loop I was trying to keep a steady, slow pace so I kept enough gas in the tank for the second half. I ended up doing the first loop in about 15 minutes. I was coming off of a small downhill for the turn-around and I was feeling good, breathing was even. I looked at my watch and figured, 15 minutes is awesome for 1.5 miles.

Then I began the second loop, cruised up the first baby hill, reeally cruised down the curve, and I thought I was slowly chugging back up the curve. Apparently, my feet were moving faster than I was aware! I got back to the car in 13 minutes, allowed myself a very awkward jump in the air, then looked around self-conscious of who could have seen my victory dance...because I know it wasn't pretty.

I finally feel like I'm getting back to where I was, and that feels incredible. I actually believe I will be able to run these 26.2 miles come October 30, and I just might whoop it's ass.

Okay, let's not get carried away....


  1. yay for a great run!! miss speedy gonzales :)

  2. Thanks lady! Kate scolded me in a gentle way for going so fast when I'm supposed to be taking it easy and base building...but it felt SO GOOD.