December 15, 2011

A Lesson In Confidence and Sweating It Out.

Well today has seemed to be a roller coaster of a day, and I'm glad that it's almost finally over and almost the weekend. I would like some time to decompress and be alone and just veg.

I knew this next year was going to offer up some challenges, but I guess I wasn't as prepared for some of the lows and how they can come out of nowhere, from within myself.

Today I got my miles in, but in a different way. I forgot to set my alarm last night and barely woke up in time to get ready for work. I somehow managed to still get there by 7am, worked the day, and as I was preparing to change for my run after work, I noticed it was raining. Bummer. It was already not the best day, and while I normally do enjoy running in the rain, today I was definitely not in the mood.

When I got to my car, the rain had stopped. After a small cry, I decided that a run was necessary to get out the bad attempt to sweat it out. Let out the dog, changed into my gear, and went a block behind the apartment where there is a high school track. I figured I would take a crack at this speed work business. Well...I didn't get very far in there until they kicked me out. Someone came by to lock it I looked around for Plan B, since I had too much crap in my pockets to just bang out the 3 miles.

If you are familiar with the area, you know that there is a massive hill at 13th and Florida. Like...huge. So I figured why not just run up and down, up and down, wear myself out, and head home. I made a game out of it, run to this tree, then down, then back up past that tree, etc. Every time I would go to run the downhill part I could feel the wobble in my legs, huffing and puffing, but starting to feel better. After I had enough of the hill, I ran a few sprints down a straight part of 13th, then jogged a cool down and went home. At home I decided to do some crunches with my stability ball, a few arm workouts with the kettle bell, and a few other non running things.

Reflecting on my day now, I'm really glad I decided to go out for the run and not ruin the first week of training. These past three runs have reminded me to keep confident in my abilities and strengths as a runner. I also need to rely on myself in the personal and professional aspects of my life. Sometimes I allow my negative thoughts to over-shadow reality; we are human after all...every one does this I'm sure. I am so grateful to have a best friend that can talk some sense into me, while also being able to relate and share a story. Makes me feel a little less crazy.

So when I logged onto the computer, I saw this article and thought I would share.

Check it out.

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