December 11, 2011

Let's Try This Again

So last week I said I would begin my training.....I ran one day. One mile. Yay me.

THIS WEEK, I will run. No really! I promise!

I oath it. (HIMYM reference, you're welcome.)

Monday: 3
Tuesday: 3
Wednesday: Cross Train
Thursday: 3
Friday: Off
Saturday: 5
Sunday: Light Cross Train

So, now that I have that out there on the big ole world wide web...maybe I will be held more accountable. Maybe.

Maybe my alarm will go off at 5am and I will say, Nah You Good to the cold air and just keep on keepin warm under the covers. Til I remind myself that I'm starting to get squishy again. And that I have 90 days to shape up before I see THE man. And that I ordered another bridesmaid dress and need to have that altered to be SMALLER, not bigger for May. And that I need to offset all the bad things I have eaten lately. And because I am STILL dreaming about those oreos that are sandwiched between two chocolate cookies and baked. GAAAH drool. Thank for making me constantly think about those. And how many I think I could eat. Double stuffed oreos are my kryptonite.

So I picked the wee hours of the morning for my weekday runs, hoping that it will give me a good jumpstart to my day, shock my body awake, maybe trick myself into being a morning person. Not that I'm a night person, since I'm a great granny who goes to bed at 9pm...and that's even late for me. I'm also hoping that it will make me more aware of what I'm eating and drinking through out the day and make good decisions.

If you are anything like me and face the difficulty of getting yourself up at 5am to sluggishly (currently my only speed) run 3 miles, then maybe you can do what I just did tonight!

I just made my entire week's worth of meals! Woot!

On the menu this week:

Breakfast - Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal (YUM!) - can be eaten cold over milk or warmed up. I'm hoping I will get up, go run, come back, have the coffee brewed, eat some nom pumpkin oatmeal, shower, get to work on time!

Lunch - I have balsamic chicken with tomatoes, garlic, and a little melted mozz. cheese on top, plus some quinoa out of a box, and some kale cooked with garlic and tomatoes and feta cheese. And yogurt if I get a little snacky later.

Dinner: Chicken sausage soup! It has some yummy chicken sausage, white beans, kale, celery, carrots, broth, and it's deliciousness hopefully!

That will be the same thing every day this week, maybe switching the soup to lunch and the chicken to dinner to trick myself that I'm not eating the same thing over and over!

Yeah, good luck with that!

So this week should be interesting. I've been feeling particularly lazy and un-athletic, and not like someone who ran a marathon a month and a half ago. I am actually excited to get back at it again and hopefully shave off a lofty 30 minutes from my previous time so I can kick some JFK 50 Miler butt!


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