December 13, 2011

'Midweek' Recap! ACCOUNTABILITY!


Woo! That's my post-run picture. Sorry it's dark. I went to the trail AFTER work instead of before, knocked out an awesome feeling three miles! So the story here is, it was not too bad of weather, a little chilly but bearable with my under armour pants, a long sleeve shirt and my MCM zip-up, gloves, and my MCM ear warmers. I put on my brave face, thought positive thoughts even though this was my first real run since the mile last week and before that was the debacle of Rosaryville's 50k (aka I was terrified that I would have to walk). Well I definitely did not walk, and I think I did a pretty decent job time wise considering I haven't really done anything but eat the past month! I completed the three miles in about 33 minutes, so 11 minute miles. I'll take that!


Last night I stayed up a little late because I got to talk to MY MAN! Seriously, worth every tired blink of my eyes today. I woke up and went to work, had my absolutely delicious baked pumpkin pie oatmeal over milk, went to our office holiday lunch, then was released for the day. Luckily, I was prepared to go home early and I had packed my bag with my running gear. I went straight from the restaurant to the trail and changed (discreetly) in my car! And off I went! I should tell you what I had for lunch. Beef tips and mashed potatoes, a bunch of water, and half a piece of cake. Apparently, tummy did not enjoy that bouncing around in there. My legs were a little sore in the quad area before starting the run but in a good way, so I told myself 'Day Two, here we go! We are going to crush these miles!' I made it halfway til the pain in my side was so bad that I pulled off the trail to contemplate barfing. I resisted, and ran the way back to the car. It looked a little something like this: 11:00 min for the first mile, 12:45 for the second mile, and 11:12 for the third mile. I'll take it.

So my legs are a little more sore after that, but I can't really feel the soreness while running, which is AWESOME!

Tomorrow I just have cross-training, so I will bring my workout gear to work and hit the work gym around 4:30pm.

In other news, I consulted with a friend of mine about speed work, and he provided me with a nifty little plan. I will be putting it to use very, very soon. You need a track to do successful speed work, and I've known for a while that there is a track at the high school right behind my apartment...but for the 6 months that I've lived here I have not been able to locate the entrance.

Today I found it.


I'm pretty excited. As soon as I convert all these km to what normal people use for measurements......

I'm sure I'll be sore for the next 90 days, but it's pretty exciting to think about attempting a sub 5 marathon, especially when that means I need to shave a whopping 30 minutes off my time. Most people are happy shaving a minute. It's SO good to be uninjured again!!!! And recovered!

Well I'm off. I have to get ready to watch the Biggest Loser finale! And then maaaaybe go to bed early. I'm trying this thing where I stay up PAST 9pm...we'll see how that goes. great is this thought. It's pretty much how I feel:

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  1. Love the message and the thought. I am very proud of your dedication to running and believing in yourself.



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