December 30, 2011

Sleeping Counts as Running, Right?!

2011 is almost over, 2012 what's up - here's what I hope to accomplish, blah.

Nah you good.

I think I did something like this last year, and while I (probably) accomplished my running goals (I think the only one I really had was to do the full marathon), I have come to realize that running goals should be fluid and able to move and adjust with your progress (or lack there of) and the way you feel.

I was just catching up on some of the blogs I read, and I came across some genius writing in one of them. It speaks to one of the issues I find myself with now...packing on so much pressure for the DC Marathon in March, that I'm finding it hard to convince myself to even go for a run.

From Dirty Running's blog: "The main thing that I learned this year about my running is that if I focus too much on goals and reaching them at the expense of the enjoyment that I gain from running, then there really is no point in running at all."

SOOOO true people!!!! This is EXACTLY where I am now. I'm very blah about the race because I put the pressure on myself to acheive a sub 5 to qualify for JFK 50. There's nothing wrong with setting expectations and goals for yourself, but they should never cripple you.

As my running money jar is filling up with $10 bills, I decided this morning to finally just cut myself some slack. You know who probably won't run a sub 5 marathon? The Stephanie that is so stressed and worried about hitting that mark that her runs suffer and now so does her mood. You know who might have a shot at it? The Stephanie who is actually enjoying her runs and wants to get out there because it's fun.

Besides, I really need to want to get back into my runs. I'm getting a little squishy around the edges. Not cool. Thanks Ohio for all the yummy cookies and chocolates and chinese food!

So my crazy training plan is being thrown out the window, and I will be semi winging it until March 17th. I know roughly what miles I need to get in and how much is too much each week for a long run...and I feel like that's good enough for me. I will do something close to a long run today to get it out of the way for the weekend, and we'll see what follows next!

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