December 05, 2011

New Again.

It's beginning to feel a lot like June 2010.

My body is starting to get back to that squishy, non-running state. My phobia of running is starting to creep back into my mind.

I'm back at square one, with what feels like just a small jog around the block. I need to get moving again, fend off the laziness, start eating healthier (again), and start building back my endurance. I need to keep my mind busy so it doesn't wander to places it shouldn't be. I need to start wearing myself out again to make this year go by quicker.

This morning on my way to work I saw some women running together and felt both envious and glad at the same time. Envious that they had each other to pass the miles and time, but also glad because when you run alone, no one needs to know how awful of a runner you are. You don't have to explain why you are having a hard time running three miles nonstop. You don't have to sound like you're listing off excuses when you talk about your injuries, or how your heart isn't in it today, etc.

I'm having a difficult time convincing myself that I will break my time barrier for this next marathon when I'm so phobic of running after the injuries from this past year keep plaguing my mind.

I skipped BYB # 4 at Fountainhead, and BYB #5 at Hemlock Overlook because I still didn't feel ready to get back out there.

Over Thanksgiving holiday in Texas I went with R for a 3 mile walk, not run, because the back of my left knee still hurts a bit (anyone have any idea what I can attribute this to??)

Anyway, I'm going to force myself to go for a small little run today, and then I will run with a friend tomorrow. Getting back on that horse.

Let the training for DC Rock'n'Roll Marathon, March 17 commence!

***currently accepting any ideas on cool cross-training, speedwork, and weight training niftiness***

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