June 06, 2011

Diary of a badass

Most will replace the bad in badass with dumb...but I prefer it my way. Today I did something crazy. I signed up for the VA Tough Mudder, an ridic race that's a week before my first full marathon. Here's to hoping this does not come back to bite me, and that I don't get hurt either training, or racing.

This now brings me to:
July 4: 5k
Sept 18: Philly Rock'n'Roll Half
Oct 23: Tough Mudder
Oct 30: Marine Corps Marathon

Yikes. Time to revise my plan of attack and training schedule. I'm switching one of my weekday runs to a trail run and incorporating more weights and strength training into the cross-training days. Hello body I've never seen before! Time to change my diet too while I'm at it. Less beer, more healthy foods...I'm already on the right track with my eating, just need to cut back on the drinking.

On October 30, when the miles get tough, I will be able to dig deep, look at myself and say, "This is nothing. I did a TM, and I am a badass." .....I hope! :)

No turning back now. Registration is paid, and you know how I feel about that! If I pay, I play. THIS is how you live life!

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