June 03, 2011


Frienemy #1. The Weather. Listen up Mother Nature....waiting to rain until I've finished my run and am driving (sweatily..new word?) to my apartment, not cool. If it's going to rain, I prefer it happen while I'm out pounding the pavement to get some relief from the heat. Also, making today an absolutely GORGEOUS day, not too hot, not humid at all...that's not cool. Today is my running day off, and I am extremely disappointed, considering I sweat my ass off yesterday, which brings me to...

Frienemy #2. The Custis Trail. You are a jerk, as are all the people who told me to go run on it, but failed to mention the at least mile long climb you suffer through right in the beginning. Yesterday, I was feeling brave and decided to park at my normal spot after work, but run towards Rosslyn instead of on the Mt. Vernon Trail. My mistake. The very first thing you hit, after maybe a tenth of a mile of flat road, is a big ole hill to get into Rosslyn. Then the trail turns into the Custis. I shudder at the name. I used to think I loved hills, and that I was fairly good at running them and sucking it up to get to the top. And I think this could have been the case, had I ever gotten a break from the uphill! The only benefit was knowing eventually I would turn around and head back downhill. Some people probably would have copped out halfway up the hill that had no end in sight and headed to flat land...but I'm extremely stubborn when it comes to running. This is when you embrace the suck. I know MCM is not flat (nor is it THAT hilly) and I know that running these hills now and preparing myself is way smarter than keeping to mostly flat runs, so hence the love/hate relationship I have right now.

Going up and down my apartment stairs now hurts so good.

Frienemy #3. The "Sexy, Can I" song. I think it began as motivation to myself to sing about getting sexy, but now I can't get the damn song out of my head ON EVERY SINGLE RUN. It's like some weird default my brain goes to to keep my mind occupied. The best part is that I don't even know the whole song. I just have the catchy loop. I don't run with an ipod, so this is what works for me. There are a few other songs that go on the brain rotation as well, but since I'm not running right now...I can't actually think of them. But they are also my frienemies. I love the entertainment, but hate it at the same time.

In other news, 5k tomorrow with a good friend of mine! Woot Woot! If I behave and only drink water tonight (yeah, good luck...) then the plan is to run the 3 miles to the race start from my apartment, then run the 5k with my friend, and check that off as my long run to close out this training week.

Whaddup 149 days!

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