June 02, 2011

Respect the process: 150 Days

Sometimes I can get so driven and determined to complete all my training runs for the marathon, that I lose sight of the fact that running is still supposed to be fun and enjoyable. I get swept up in the desire to see immediate results, a change in my body, or endurance...that I need to remind myself to respect the process. I know my endurance won't change overnight. Patience is a virtue that I continually reach for in my life and in my training.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running with Erin again, for a new weekly ritual. Often times when I run alone, I get so introspective and try to untangle my problems in my head, that I forget how beautiful the trail is, how awesome it is to run past all the monuments, how captivating DC can be from far away, how GREAT it feels to sweat everything out...

Running with her reminds me that this can be a social activity. It's a great way to 'bond' and catch up with a good friend, swap stories, fears, excitements. I got to express my concerns over running with people more experienced, and she in turn was able to help me see that I'm missing the point of what running and training with friends can do. So, starting next Wednesday, I plan to attend the morning meetings of Cardozo Crawlers for their track workouts after my morning run with BoMF.

I'm the worst about giving myself credit for accomplishing goals in running, so hopefully this is a good start for me! Today I will go out for a few miles, and just try to enjoy the ability to be out there.

If anyone is sitting on the fence about lacing up today, I encourage you to go! It's not AS hot today, and the effort is what's important. Put on your shoes, leave your watch at home, and just run for the love of running.

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