June 14, 2011

Don't mind if I do...

Woot! Get pumped! I just ordered a new pair of running shoes, running shorts, running tank, and running sports bras, got the Foo Fighters ready to go, and my brand new stability ball pumped up, and the kettle bell waiting for me when I get home.


Yesterday I ran a very successful 3.5 miles, complete with my right foot falling asleep for the last half mile (weird, right?). It was gorgeous outside, I ran in 33:34, so not too shabby. I hope this weather continues because I am lovin the no humidity!

Sidebar, saw a few older gents (assume military) running shirtless yesterday, and I have to say, in the words of Rachel Ray, 'YUM-O'!!! Weird? Maybe...but all three of these guys were ten times more ripped than any guy my age I've seen on that trail. Cheers to you guys for making that run just a little bit easier. I almost said "Thank you" as I passed them by without realizing. Glad I caught myself :D

I'm hyped up for a little cross training today, and planning out a new route for my miles tomorrow.


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