June 13, 2011

T-Minus 139 Days!

I've written and rewritten the first paragraph for this posting a few times now, writing, reading, and deleting due to my own negativity.

Saturday I was scheduled to run 5.6 miles at Iwo Jima at 7am with my charity team, Team Semper Fi Fund, or TSFF from here on out. I had a semi late night on Friday...which helped me learn (AGAIN) a valuable lesson. I had a ridiculously hard time getting myself out of bed at 7am, so I decided to skip the team run and log the miles later in the day on my own. Ohhh hindsight....why are we sooo acquainted?

I finally rolled out of bed around 1030am and made a mad dash for all my running clothes to get dressed before I convinced myself that the bed was more comfy. I ended up at the Roosevelt Island parking lot at around 11, and I got situated with my camelbak for the 6 miles. An unshaded trail at midday was not the best decision I've made, and I definitely paid for it. I set out running, and fizzled off and on thanks to the humidity, already dehydration from the night before, and just my sucky attitude. Sucky, sucky attitude. Instead of telling myself, 'You got this! You are going to destroy these 6 miles!' I went with the pansy approach...another lesson learned.

I turned around at Gravelly Point with the planes flying overhead and heading for the car. The second half of my run included way more running than the first half. I decided that no matter how fast I am moving/shuffling/grandmas could walk fast than me at this pace, I needed to keep moving, if only to finally get to the gatorade, shade and air conditioner.

Today I'm heading out for the usual three, and I wish I woke up to run before work this morning because it was the coolest it's been in a good while. Hope this means that after work won't be as bad also. Currently contemplating the Custis or just the Mt. Vernon for a quick 3. Also hoping to shake off the funk I've found myself in ever since I realized not many people think I will survive through the mudder and the marathon. I think I can do it, I just want others on board :) I guess now is the time to prove to them otherwise!

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