January 25, 2012

Sounding Board for Potential Game Changer


Just hear me out. I need to think this out loud.

June 2, 2012.

North Face Endurance Challenge.

Options for distance: 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 Mile.

No qualifers, just a registration opening on January 31, small field of entrants for the bigger distances.

I know I've been talking about JFK 50 in November for a while now so here's where my head is.


Reasoning: Home turf. The race is around Great Falls and other close by trails. I could easily practice on the terrain. No need to travel to the race. Beginning of June...not THE hottest part of the summer. Already building a good base with the marathon in March, so maybe it would be a good opportunity to just get this under my belt. Generous time limit. Don't need to qualify or raise $500 to get into it like JFK50 requires.

June. Possibly humid and hot. 50 miles...that's a lot yall. Ryan wouldn't be here. Possibly not doing JFK50.

OPTION 2 - 50K

Reasoning: Good time to finally get a higher mileage under my belt without going for the whole enchilada. Familiar turf, good area, seems like a good time. Enough time to recovery from the marathon and bounce back to full strength for the 50k. Could still do JFK 50 Miler.

Cons: I'm just so damn tempted to do the 50miler. Risking a burn out if I do March - marathon, May 19 - trail half marathon, June 2 - 50k, Sept - 50k, Nov 50 Miler.

DECISIONS! AGH! I really don't know what I'll do yet...I've always been pretty gungho about signing up for races, even when people advise me not to (hello, Rosaryville).

They (ultramarathon guides) say you should have about 4 to 5 months of training for a 50 miler. Pretty nice timing, eh?

If anyway wants to weigh in on this, please do. I could use some help with logic. But don't tell me not to do either. I won't listen and you'll be wasting your breath. :)

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