January 22, 2012

A Cooking Weekend Success!

And a running FAIL.

Good thing I'm not doing that money jar thing anymore because I would be SO BROKE.

I kinda haven't run at all since the 15 miles on Monday. Oops? It was this bizarre gradual soreness that crept in, and this is what I choose to blame. Not my laziness, oh no siree. At first I wasn't very sore from the run, aside from the bendy part at your hips and a weird pain in the front of my ankle...the part where your leg turns into your foot and bends at the front...whatever that is (never claimed to be a doctor or whatever). Then eventually my actual quads started to hurt...very delayed pain. Interesting.

So I slacked off all week, partially because of being SO exhausted and sickly feeling, partially because I was still sore, and partially because I just couldn't get myself out there...blamed the weather some, etc.

That leads to this weekend. I really was planning on running 13 miles on Saturday, I swear! So I had Friday off from work, but had a 1030am vet appointment for the dog. Over $200 later, I decided to go grab some pho to warm me up from the chilly day, then I kinda just moped around a whole bunch and figured no reeeal point in running on Friday, I could just long run on Saturday.

Well, Saturday it decided to crazy snow. I'm sure I had some other excuse not to go but I can't remember what it is now other than I was scared of it being icy. You know how clumsy I am...

So I told myself it will all be okay, I could run on Sunday when the weather is supposed to be better. Today is Sunday. I did not run. The weather isn't HORRIBLE, but it was snowing when I woke up, and when I took the dog for a stroll around the block I almost fell...more than once. So I declared it not safe enough to run, plus...I didn't want to continue a bad cycle of skipping my weekday runs because of being sore from a delayed long run. Get my drift? Say I ran today...I would have been more sore than normal since I didn't run anything after my 15. So then all this next week I wouldn't want to go run because of the same reasons of last week...thus it continues on and on. I decided instead, I would skip this 13...luckily it is just a shorter week...and I will get back into my weekday runs, get stronger, and get a better base for my long runs so they don't cripple me after I'm done.

What did I do all weekend since I obviously didn't do much physical activity? Tried to sleep a lot... which didn't work out well. Thanks partying neighbors and roommate. So I played online some, bought some (hopefully) sweet compression shorts that were on MEGA sale, and cooked a bunch. Last night I made possibly the best beef stew I will ever make in my life (seriously guys it is SOOO good). Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, and today I just finished making a massive batch of Pioneer Woman Simple Chili, with a few modifications so it would feed an army. An Army Of One. Just me. for the week. I plan on freezing some (I feel like I say this a lot and then just end up eating it all) for a rainy day, lazy day that I don't feel like cooking, etc.

It's delicious. She uses corn flour in her recipe to add a corn flavor and thicken up the juice. So good.

Anyway, here are the links if any one is interested in trying. I recommend her site period, I dig her. She's on Food Network too!



Well, time to eat some of that good comfort food!

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