January 19, 2012

Little here, little there.

I'm a little slow to the news I guess.

I just read last night on SkinnyRunner's site (www.skinnyrunner.com) about a Montana woman runner who has gone missing and is possibly deceased. All they found were her running shoes somewhere along her usual running route.

Scary stuff considering my little episode on Monday (not that you can remotely compare the two).

All of this has made me look into self defense classes. A person commented on that story above about a friend running with mace and having it turned against her...a very scary thought when you think it is good protection. The truth is, it NEVER hurts to have some kind of self defense knowledge. Even if you aren't a runner, I think it's a good idea to take these classes...especially women.

I've been finding myself on high alert the past few days, more aware of my surroundings and quite frankly, a little scared to go run in my neighborhood alone. I don't feel comfortable running in my neighborhood in the morning before work because of the construction workers sleeping in their cars waiting for their alarms to go off and get to work...plus the other clientle in the area.

So far, other than the potential self defense classes, my other options are to join a gym and run my weekday runs on a treadmill, and run the long run out in the city. Another option is that I finally start running with that running group I get all the emails from. Safety in numbers type thing. I'm still deciding on my course of action...maybe a combo of all of them, who knows.

IN OTHER NEWS, the puppy is still having tummy problems. Vet tomorrow, hopefully something will pan out there. All I know is I am not ready to have kids with him keeping me up at night like this. And all the worrying. And the money for the vet bills. Weee...

Also, I think I'M getting sick. When is there ever a time when I'm training for a race and I don't get sick? I don't think it's ever happened. I feel a little run-down and a little low on my motivation juices. I've been having a harder time lately convincing myself that I do still enjoy running for hours, ie. why did I sign up for another full marathon instead of just enjoying the half; why am I pursuing a 50 mile race... I don't think I'm in a rut again because the runs have been successful. I think maybe stress is getting to me and exhaustion and a tinge of sadness. I will say I felt rejuvenated after my 15 mile run on Monday, renewed my faith in what I'm doing for a little while. I guess my doubt comes in the lulls between long runs.

Anyway, prepared to run 13 this weekend at some point.

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