January 30, 2012

Turns out I'm sick.

Well, well. I guess it's about time I got sick again. It's been a little while.

We'll see if I feel up for a three mile run today or what.

Also, the side of my ankle hurts. The part that is on the outside. Like if it's my left foot then the pain is on the left side of my leg, right foot, right sode pain. Whatever that muscle is.

I think a bubble bath sounds nice and relaxing tonight if I don't get out for my run. And a looong deep sleep. Guess I'll have to record the Bachelor tonight. Can't miss what happens!

Plus side: tomorrow I get my 'promotion'!!!! YESSSS!


You best believe I am registering as soon as I can! I think they said it takes 3 weeks to sell out, but why risk it.

Tonight I'm also going to make some Healthy Healing Cabbage Soup:

Nom. I'm gonna load that bad boy with whatever is awesomely fully of nutrients and cold fighters!

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